A Message from our Executive Director Jessica Collins

Thank you to those of you that are practicing what seems to be the most important steps of "flattening the curve" and self-preservation. The month of April will likely prove to be one of the most important time periods to press on with prevention strategies for ourselves and our communities (see below). Words are not enough to express the gratitude felt for all the healthcare workers tirelessly taking care of those most in need. We are all in your debt.​​
In a region like ours, where we are so spread apart, we think there is a way to show collective gratitude and fortitude.
PHIWM and regional partners including The Food Bank of Western MA , TapestryHealth , Human Service Forum , RainMaker , Behavioral Health Network, Center for Human Development and many others would like to invite you to join us and our friends and partners across the region to kick off a nightly effort starting on  SATURDAY, APRIL 4 AT 8PM TO BLINK YOUR LIGHT for our Healthcare Workers.
Blink a light outside your home, or a light that can be seen by others outside for 1 minute. The campaign will run until Governor Baker reverses our state of emergency (as the days grow longer we'll be in touch to push back the time.) Thank you for spreading the light and hope. 
Other prevention strategies continue to be:
  • Personal Hygiene: washing your hands; cover your mouth when you cough
  • Physical Distancing: please remain in your homes with your family as much as you can; only do essentials - food, fresh air for exercise
  • Knowing the symptoms: fever, dry cough and fatigue - if so call your PCP and please and stay home.
  • Being kind: ​kindness is also contagious
  • Dispelling myths: be sure to forward messages with the correct information to friends and family
  • Taking action on advocacy and donating where resources are needed: this will help your morale and those most in need.


Jessica Collins, Executive Director
Public Health Institute of Western Massachusetts
COVID-19 Resources on 413Cares
413Cares and Aunt Bertha have added a new COVID-19 keyword that allows for quick search of all new COVID-19 services. As services are added to address the needs due to the coronavirus, this is a tremendous addition that can be helpful to your staff and residents of our Western MA communities.

Check out the COVID specific resource lists on 413Cares.org/covid-19 and sign up to add your updates.
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