November 5, 2019

Dear Lab Community,

It is truly a privilege to write to you as Head-Elect of The Lab School of Washington.  I am thrilled to work with all of you to steward and support our mission of serving students with learning differences.  

Like you, I believe that “every child, regardless of unique challenges or learning difficulties, is capable of accomplishing extraordinary things.”  During my time on campus, I witnessed this belief being lived out in vivid ways.  Students of all ages embraced the opportunity to show me what they were learning.  At Lab, expert teachers are determined to provide every child with the tools he or she needs to overcome his or her particular learning challenges.    

I began my career in independent school education at a school serving children with learning differences.  At each subsequent stop on my professional journey, I have been a passionate advocate for learning support to ensure that every child can thrive.  My commitment to individual student support has been underscored by my own journey as the parent of a dyslexic daughter.  I know, firsthand, the difference that knowledgeable and dedicated teachers can make in the lives of students with learning challenges. 

Throughout the search process, I heard from teachers, parents, students, and trustees the commitment to Lab’s mission.  Having spent several decades in independent school education, I can attest to the fact that it is exceedingly rare to hear such unwavering alignment and common purpose.  I believe that it is this alignment which makes The Lab School unique.  

During these upcoming months, I look forward to working closely with Katherine to ensure a smooth transition.  I am grateful for her warm welcome and look forward to our work together. Katherine’s able leadership has ensured Lab’s bright future.  It will be my privilege to continue that legacy with the faculty, staff, administration, parent body, and Board of Trustees

I know there will be many opportunities to get to know parents, students, and teachers during the upcoming months.  I will be excited to listen and learn from each of you. I cannot imagine a greater honor and privilege than serving as the next Head of The Lab School, a school founded on the single-minded belief that every child can learn and deserves to do so in a joyful place that understands children who learn differently. 

With warm regards,

Kim Wargo