May 18, 2020

Recreation Facilities Begin to Re-Open

I have good news to report! This morning, after many weeks of closures, we re-opened several of our outdoor recreation facilities. Knowing that people are eager to be more active, I am very happy to report that our asphalt tennis courts, skateboard park and ball fields at Dealy Field are once again open for public use – as are the pickleball courts on West Jersey Avenue. Our playgrounds, hockey court and basketball courts, however, remain closed to the public until further notice.

Naturally, the facilities that we have opened so far – including our beaches and promenade – will remain open only if everyone who utilizes them follows all social distancing requirements.

During this past weekend, we were very pleased by the social distancing that was displayed on our beaches and promenade – and I want to thank everyone for their cooperation. However, we must remain vigilant and maintain all social distancing standards now and into the future. Therefore, please keep 6-feet away from others while in public (excluding family and house members), and wear face masks at all times when you are inside supermarkets and other buildings that are open to the public – or if you are outside and cannot maintain 6-feet of space from others. I am very proud of the people of Sea Isle City, and I know we can do this – so please remain cautious and heed these important directives!

Ongoing conversations with the Governor’s office, the County Health Department and other community leaders in our region are taking place in order to determine our safest path forward. As always, the City’s Administration will keep you informed as new developments occur – because the exchange of accurate information is crucial! In the meantime, please stay safe, stay well, remain optimistic, and remember that we are all one Sea Isle City and together we will be stronger than ever! 


Mayor Leonard Desiderio