A Message from Mission San Juan Capistrano’s
Executive Director, Mechelle Lawrence Adams

To Our Mission San Juan Capistrano Friends Around the World,

I write to you from my new Mission HQ — at home. It is a time that is unbelievable for sure.

I am writing to you today to say that while Mission San Juan Capistrano is now shuttered for the first time in 100 years, it can continue to be a place of inspiration, education and preservation, albeit run from afar and in a 21st century digital environment.

We invite you to know that we are forging ahead with a new focus on delivering a Digital Resource Center (DRC) to be featured on our website that will present to you continued ways to experience, learn and interact with the Mission. We hope the DRC provides support and assistance to our many different kinds of visitors, clients, donors, event goers, and members.

In the coming days you will also find the Mission team regularly providing updates and programming options on the DRC found on the official home page of our official website https://www.missionsjc.com/ . This is where you will find the newest and updated information about such things as:
  • New: "History at Home Headquarters Parent/Student Learning Activities"
  • Video For Fourth Graders: "Docent Guided Tour"
  • Art Walk Zoom Sessions: Learn about some of the finest pieces in our collection!
  • Museum Collection: See a new database “with rarely if never seen before” items.
  • Special Event Updates: Including 2020 Concert Information Updates on our 2020 Battle of the Mariachis Festival, information for private events including digital tours to view the site set-up and behind the scenes information.
  • Opportunities for Our Volunteers: Ability to experience continued/distance learning.
  • And more...

We also recognize the deeply held spiritual and religious importance of Mission San Juan Capistrano for the world and invite our digital visitors to light a candle in hope for peace and healing during these tumultuous times. You can submit prayer intentions or light digital candles by going to https://www.missionsjc.com/prayer/ .

Yes, these are unprecedented times. I know firsthand as a worried parent who is now responsible for teaching my child while working full time. As a museum director, I know these are very difficult financial times as 38 of our outstanding staff members were furloughed and there is no revenue coming in at this time. But in this “pandemic” moment, Mission San Juan Capistrano, even as a digital experience, can and will continue to inspire and educate and “be there for you." Our still working core team will do its best to take your calls, inquiries, and concerns along the way. We will work together to explore ways to continue to share the beauty of the gardens, Ruins, and Chapel so that you can find inspiration. We will learn together how to better serve you, even in new platforms.

While we are all met with new challenges here and at home, the Mission staff and I are highly energized to continue delivering the important impact of Mission San Juan Capistrano no matter what.

Finally, and while we thank you for your past support, we note that as a shuttered non-profit with no revenue coming in, it would probably be expected that I/we ask you for money in this message. However, out of respect for those that are struggling, we recognize these times are very difficult financially, so on behalf of the Mission Preservation Foundation I merely invite you to plan a return visit when we re-open. That will help us out a lot and at the same time, return to you an experience that is for now shuttered.
We promise, the Landmark and the team will be there for you.

Vaya Con Dios,
Mechelle Lawrence Adams
Executive Director, Mission San Juan Capistrano