A Message from our District President
To the Lovely Ladies of the North West District,

Nobody is more disappointed than I that we all will not be together on March 21 to celebrate

Hello Spring…...Welcome New Beginnings.”

There were many reasons to go forward with this meeting. The Hostess clubs, Dunwoody, Marietta, Chattahoochee and Roswell Cares worked very hard to make this transitional meeting special for all. The centerpieces, the agenda, the program, the reports, the awards, the favors, gifts and the installation of officers were all ready to go. The venue and caterers were ready for us. All of this preparation is part of the process and cannot be ignored. It was taken into careful consideration as I pondered going forward.

The decision to cancel this meeting was mine and I accept full responsibility for that decision. I know many of you do not agree and I understand your disappointment and frustration. My decision was based upon fact.

The Corona virus is a real threat. It spreads easily and quickly. The CDC and Governor Kemp, based upon the facts we have today, have put precautions in place to help stop the spread of this virus. The deciding factor for me was the fact that many of us are in the most vulnerable group for contacting this virus. If just one of us came away from that meeting with the virus, that was unacceptable. There was no guarantee that that could not happen. Also taken into consideration was a survey that said 91% of you planning to attend did not feel comfortable attending. The message I received was the risk of contamination should not be taken.

I am working on a plan to bring the information that would have been shared at this meeting to all of you via video, Constant Contact or YouTube. I should have more information on this over the next couple of days.

To those of you that signed up to attend the meeting on March 21, the favors I created will be mailed to your club Presidents to be given to you. I hope you will enjoy these favors for many years to come and will be a fond reminder of the 2018-2020 administration. I will also be sending a slideshow presentation featuring 155 photos from club activities over the past two years. I will do my best to get as much information that would have been shared at this meeting to you as quickly as possible.

It is a disappointing way to end an administration and begin a new one. I refuse to let that be the signature of all that has been accomplished the past two years. Instead I will be celebrating the joy of working with all of you, the fun and comradery of being together at our meetings and most importantly the tremendous contributions you have all made to your communities.

With great appreciation for your support, your guidance and your friendship

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