A Message from Our Rabbi
June 22, 2022

In this house beats the heart of a family…

Our Torah portion this week is Sh'lach L'cha, in which Moses sends twelve spies to the Land of Israel to report on the inhabitants and the country. Despite the positive report of two of the spies, the people are frightened and feelings of fear and uncertainty plague the camp while the two spies try their hardest to convince the community that the journey (and all of the hard work) really is worth it.  

It is quite a fitting Torah portion, as we, as a Synagogue Family, hold so many feelings and emotions moving into this weekend and the week to come. There is excitement and celebration, there is uncertainty and sadness. Joy and grief walk hand-in-hand.  

And just like we have always done at times like this, when emotions seem overwhelming or when we weren't sure where else to go, or what to do, or what to say…we'll come together, in our "House"…and allow our rituals to be our guide as we move through this weekend, and march forward, together. 

Friday evening at 6:30 pm we will gather for our last Shabbat service in our M'kor Shalom Sanctuary. Cantor Harrison and Cantor Hochman will join me on the bimah, our "band" will add their music to the service, and our choir will also be with us. It will be a true "M'kor Shalom" Shabbat service – incorporating many of our beloved readings, songs, and melodies. A special oneg (outside under the tent) will follow. You should have received (via email) an invitation for Friday night. While everyone is welcome, we would be grateful for your RSVP if you're planning on joining us in person so we can plan accordingly. (Shabbat siddur)

Shabbat morning, I will be leading Torah Study on Zoom at 9:00 am. (Zoom)

And Saturday evening at 7:00 pm, Cantor Harrison, Cantor Hochman, and I will lead a ceremony of leave-taking in our M’kor Shalom Sanctuary. It will be an evening to reflect on, and share, the many M’kor Moments we have celebrated and experienced together. We will share in the ritual of Havdalah, the ceremony that is used to distinguish between sacred time and “ordinary” time. Saturday evening, our Havdalah ceremony and the removal of our Mezuzah will also mark the end of our M’kor Shalom journey and usher us in to this next chapter that awaits us with the founding of Congregation Kol Ami. A dessert oneg outside under the tent will follow at around 8:30 pm.

And, Sunday morning, we will gather one last time in our M'kor Shalom Sanctuary at 9:30 am (Promptly! Please plan to be in the Sanctuary by 9:20 am) for a brief ceremony as our Torah scrolls are removed from the ark and carried out to lead us as we make the journey to Congregation Kol Ami. Following the ceremony, the Torah March will begin at 10:00 am. Just a quick note – If you plan to attend the ceremony but are not marching from M'kor Shalom, you will need to wait for all Marchers to leave our M'kor Shalom property before cars are allowed to exit the parking lot. If you have registered to march, please wear your t-shirt and join us marching from M'kor Shalom, from the TBS parking lot, or from Cherry Hill East. We will be arriving at Congregation Kol Ami (the Temple Emanuel campus) around 12:00 pm, where our Torah scrolls will "meet up" with the Temple Emanuel Torah scrolls and enter the building together as they are placed in the Sanctuary ark. Afterwards, join us outside for a big parking lot party! 
I look forward to seeing you this weekend! 

[And next weekend – for our first Shabbat service as Congregation Kol Ami – July 1 at 7:00 pm].


Rabbi Jennifer L. Frenkel