Do you want to give of yourself, so the church may live out its mission of: worshiping, connecting, and serving so all may experience life in Christ?

Do you want to see the church live into its vision of: moving all people from receiving to also sharing life in Christ?

If you answered "Yes" to these two questions, then perhaps you might want to consider being a member of the Leadership Board!

The Mason UMC, is led by a 9 member Leadership Board.  Each board member serves a 3-year term, with 3 new members being placed on the board each year.  This means that we are beginning the process of filling 3 board positions to serve from 2021 through 2023.  If you feel you have the gifts, talents, passion, and commitment to serve on the Leadership Board please let us know.

To fill these board positions, a clearly defined nomination process has been established:
  1. Individuals interested in serving on the Leadership Board are asked to:
    1. Review the Leadership Board Member Covenant
    2. Prayerful consider their desire and ability to serve
    3. Complete the Application for the Leadership Board
  2. The Nomination Committee will review all applications, and interview those who the committee is considering nominating.
  3. The Nomination Committee will present the slate of nominations at the church's annual Church Conference, where the congregation will elect its new Leadership Board members.
Application for Leadership Board

All applications to serve on the Leadership Board must be received by THIS THURSDAY: Oct. 15, 2020.

The Nomination Committee members are: Pastor Mark (chair), Gwen Goode (current Board Member), Debbie Griffiths, and Gary Standadfer.
The Cincinnati Pops and Symphony have cancelled all in person events for 2020.

We are definitely going to miss spending an afternoon with our MUMC friends at Music Hall.  But, are thankful they are making it possible for us to watch it on Saturday, December 12 at 8 P.M. at:

If you go to their website it lists all of the performances available to watch for the rest of the year.  The next Pops performance is October 31st.

We look forward to continuing our trip to Music Hall in 2021.
Thanks to the great help of two special "kitchen angels" the IHN dinner arrived at Heritage Presbyterian Church in pouring rain at 5:03 pm on Monday, September 28 - three minutes late!

Our congregation served carry-out dinner to six families.  Thanks to all who donated funds to this important mission back in June.  And special thanks to Patty Sands and Brenda Harkins without whom it would never have come together.

Our next committed dinner will be at the end of January.
The Book Club is back to meeting!  If you love to read, this group is for you! Our upcoming schedule is as follows:

November 4: Educated (352 pages) by Tara Westover

December 2: The Orphan's Tale (368 pages) by Pan Jenoff

We will be meeting in rooms 9/11 for social distancing purposes.  Bring your mask and can't wait to see ya! 

We are experiencing a GREAT need during this pandemic for food donation. Help keep families that may find themselves struggling at this time afloat by picking up a few extra items at the store. 

A reminder that the weather is getting chillier and any donations of gloves or hats will be appreciated as well. Laundry detergent also goes quick and is extremely helpful. We can't thank you enough for helping replenish the shelves! Below is a list of other items to consider donating: 
  • Applesauce - Individual 4 oz. cups
  • Canned Fruit - 15-20 oz can
  • Diced Stewed Tomatoes - 14.5-16 oz. can
  • Pork & Beans - 15-16 oz. can
  • Chunky Soup 18-19 oz can 
  • Beef Stew - 20 oz can
  • Peanut Butter - 16 oz plastic jar
  • Tuna - 5 oz. can
  • Chicken - 10-13 oz can
  • Spaghetti Sauce - 20-24 oz can (no glass jars)
  • Spaghetti/Pasta - 14-16 oz box
  • Macaroni & Cheese - 7.25 oz. box
  • Rice-A-Roni - 6.9 oz box (Beef, Chicken, or Cheese)
  • Instant Rice - 14 oz. box
  • Dry Cereal - 10.6 - 13 oz. box (no overly sugared)
  • Instant Oatmeal - box of individual packets
  • Saltine Crackers - box (4 sleeves) 

There are 3 roles: the sower, the ground, and the grower. We are to sow, others (missing person) receives, and it is up God to produce the harvest. The missing person needs US to sow so God can grow within them. 

Join us as we continue our "Missing Person" sermon series this Sunday! 

Click on the image above to join us online this Sunday, October 18 at 10 am. 

  • Donna and Art McBeath's daughter-in-law, Kim McBeath is continuing testing to determine the cause of a spot on her left lung. They have ruled out COVID-19. Prayers for Mark (Donna and Art's son) for Kim's doctors, for positive results and a treatment plan. 
  • Sandi Michaels' sister, Luanne Pope underwent emergency gull bladder surgery and was in the hospital for five days. She would also like prayers for her brother-in-law, David Pope (Luanne's husband) who is experiencing some serious health issues. 

  • Anna Woodrow
  • Emily Schmidt (our Children's Ministry Director) is home and resting after surgery. Prayers for healing. 
  • Connie Smith's daughter, Betsy Smith Compa underwent surgery to amputate her leg.  
  • Clara Bertram's sister, Marilyn Ferrell has been diagnosed with Stage l Uterine Cancer.
  • Kristen Smith's aunt, Debby has been diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer. is in her second round of chemotherapy and doing well. 
  • Rev. David Buckey
  • Mary Ann Sanders' brother, Alton 
    is still in the ICU, but seems to be improving. 

  • Barbara Fitzer's son Larry Holden is fighting a third round of cancer. 
  • Dee Schuessler requests prayer for Gary Cron.
  • Will Becker
  • Barbara Gibler's friend, Gail. 
  • Roosa's friends, Jim and Karen
  • Suriya Soundari requests prayer for her dad who is in India.  He Has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. 
  • Tina Harris' niece, Jenna Elder (7 years old), who has Pilocytic Astrocytoma Low Grade. 
  • Harold Utley
  • Heidi Mori, a friend of Patty Sands who has glioblastoma.
Remember those who are no longer able to attend worship and their caregivers:
John Bamber; Judy Covert; Kathleen Fearing; Dorothy Gibson; Bill Katenkamp; Kathy Richardson, Jim Roosa, Jerry Wortham

For prayer requests: please email prayer@masonumc.org or call the church office. Thank you!

Mission: Worshipping, connecting, and serving so all may experience life in Christ.

Vision: Moving all people from receiving to also sharing life in Christ.