A Message from Our Rabbi
October 28, 2020

Lech L’cha is not just the big changes in our lives.
It is also facing each day anew.
Plunging into an unknown future.
Being open to its possibilities.
Finding new opportunities for small successes.
And becoming God’s promise to Abraham:
“And you shall be a blessing.”
[Rabbi Joshua Minkin, Voices of Torah: Volume 2]

This week, we read the Torah portion Lech L’cha, in which God tells Abraham to “Go to a land that I will show you.” At a time when we are learning to live with uncertainty in our daily lives, when many of our coping mechanisms have been taken away, and when we face a future that looks quite different than what we may have once envisioned, we hear, anew, the call of God to Abraham – to go beyond the self-made boundaries of our comfort zone to not only FIND blessings, but to BECOME a blessing.

Our Kabbalat Shabbat service begins at 6:30 pm Friday evening. During our service, we will have the honor of offering a special blessing to David and Melanie Samuels (parents of Sarah Zalcmann) in celebration of their 40th anniversary. (Zoom Meeting ID: 121 675 491, passcode: 346998; click HERE for online Shabbat siddur)

Shabbat morning, I will be leading Torah Study at 9:00 am, and our Spice Up Your Judaism session will follow at 10:15 am. (For both study sessions: Zoom Meeting ID: 944 6000 1852; password: Wx4Enb)

Our Shabbat morning service begins at 10:30 am on Zoom, during which we will celebrate the Bat Mitzvah of Emma Richek. (Zoom Meeting ID: 851 3625 9462, passcode: 807495; click HERE for online Shabbat siddur)


Rabbi Jennifer L. Frenkel