A Message from Our Rabbi
September 23, 2020

The Shabbat that falls between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur is called Shabbat Shuvah, or the Sabbath of return. If that word reminds you of the word teshuvah that’s not a coincidence – they share a common Hebrew root.

Shabbat Shuvah ushers in a unique weekend, an incredible opportunity to reflect on the year that was and welcome the year to come.

We strive to return to ourselves, to take stock of our minds, bodies, and souls, to consider when and how we may have missed the mark, and to forgive others and ourselves.

Until Yom Kippur, we are given the burden of changing our ways. When we arrive at Yom Kippur, and see that we have not been able to do so fully, we turn to God and, through our prayers, ask God to bear this burden. We pray that God offers kappara – a complete cleansing of the slate, the opportunity to begin again. When we come to N'eelah, the final service of Yom Kippur, we offer our final prayers to heaven before the gates of heaven close, and emerge from our prayers as if reborn, able to embark upon the year renewed. 

This Friday evening, our Kabbalat Shabbat (Shabbat Shuvah) service begins at 6:30 pm, and will include a special blessing for those celebrating birthdays in the month of September. (Zoom; click HERE for online siddur)

Shabbat morning, I will be leading our Shabbat Shuvah Study Session, beginning at 10:00 am. Zoom login information will be sent this Friday in a separate High Holy Day Service Access email. If you have not already registered to receive High Holy Day service information, please click HERE; you only need to register once.

And, Sunday evening, we begin our observance of Yom Kippur. Again, login and access information for all of these services and programs will be provided in Friday's High Holy Day Service Access email.

Sunday, 8:00 pm – Kol Nidre Service
Monday, 9:00 am – Mishpacha (Family) Service
Monday, 11:00 am – Late Morning Service
Monday, 2:30 pm – Tot Family Service
Monday, 2:30 pm – Adult Education Study Session
Monday, 2:30 pm – College Connection & Burkett Member Schmooze with Cantor Hochman
Monday, 4:30 pm – Afternoon Service / Yizkor Service / N'eelah Service

Shanah Tovah and G’mar Chatimah Tovah. A very happy New Year, and may we all be sealed for goodness.

Rabbi Jennifer L. Frenkel