A Message from Our Rabbi
June 24, 2020

The Torah reading this week tells the story of Korach and his followers rebelling against Moses and Aaron. God comes to the aid of Moses and Aaron in a dramatic way. Some of the rebels are literally swallowed up by the earth, others are burned, and still others are struck down by a plague. 

How can we make this difficult story relevant to our lives? Korach invites us to look at the kinds of conflicts in which we engage. As Rabbi Shohama Wiener writes, “In Pirkei Avot , our sages taught that controversies for ritual, moral or ethical purpose are l’shem shamayim (for the sake of Heaven). By contrast, controversies based on jealousy or unfounded anger were deemed lo l’shem shamayim (not for the sake of Heaven). Some kinds of conflict can be good – even holy – depending on motive and how it’s expressed.” Friday evening, we’ll take some time to unpack this idea and what it can teach us about how we engage in difficult conversations.

Opportunities for gathering, prayer, learning, and celebration abound this week!

Tonight , our Annual Meeting begins promptly at 7:00 pm (via Zoom). Important congregational business will be conducted, the budget for the fiscal year 2020-2021 and slate of Board nominees will be presented for approval. We’ll present our annual Service Award, and have the opportunity to watch our Year-in-Review video.

Friday evening , our Kabbalat Shabbat service begins at 6:30 pm (via Zoom). We’ll celebrate our June birthdays, and we’ll offer a special blessing for Dick and Gail Donner as they celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

This weekend we begin our summer schedule for Shabbat mornings . Carl Viniar will lead Torah Study beginning at 10:00 am (via Zoom). There will not be a Spice Up Your Judaism session, allowing our Torah Study session to extend a bit longer.

And, Sunday evening at 7:00 pm, join our M’kor Shalom community for our Zoom Us Your Talent family-friendly (PG) talent show (via Zoom).


Rabbi Jennifer L. Frenkel