A Message from Our Rabbi
October 14, 2020

"Jewish practice challenges and trains us to see the sacred in the mundane and appreciate daily miracles. Each day in the Amidah we recite the words of Modim, and the blessing concludes thanking God for '…miracles that accompany us each day, and for Your wonders and Your gifts that are with us each moment- evening, morning, and noon.’ For many, the idea of a daily miracle is an oxymoron, but our tradition offers us the chance to approach each day with sensitivity to the holy and sacred. It does not ask us to suspend our belief in scientific knowledge; it asks us to suspend our belief that little moments are not really big ones.”

This week we begin again with Bereshit, the first portion of Torah, from the opening verses of the Book of Genesis. We read of the creation of the world, the sacredness of Shabbat, and the stories of Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel.

We are reminded of how much of nature's blessings we take granted on a daily basis. We are also reminded of the importance of taking some time on a weekly basis to rest our physical bodies and nourish and refresh our souls. For many of us, we find that sense of uplift and that needed reminder of community each week on Shabbat. While we may not be able to gather in large groups in person in our daily lives, our Zoom services gives us a chance to see one another, to catch up before/after the service, and to worship together. I hope you’ll join us Friday evening, as our Kabbalat Shabbat service begins at 6:30 pm. (Zoom; click HERE for online Shabbat siddur)

Shabbat morning, I will be leading Torah Study beginning at 9:00 am. Having just celebrated Simchat Torah, we have rolled Torah back to the very beginning, and will begin our year-long study of each portion all over again. If you’ve been thinking of checking out Torah Study but weren’t sure about jumping in “in the middle,” this Saturday is a great time to start! After Torah Study, Scott Kushner will be leading a Spice Up Your Judaism session at 10:15 am. Feel free to attend one or both sessions! (Both study sessions are via Zoom.)

Our Shabbat morning service begins at 10:30 am, as we celebrate the Bat Mitzvah of Joey Lieberson. (Zoom; click HERE for online Shabbat siddur)

And our Shabbat afternoon service begins at 5:45 pm, as we celebrate the Bar Mitzvah of Ethan Coffina. (Zoom; click HERE for online Shabbat siddur)

And, mark your calendars for NEXT Friday night, as we celebrate Shabbat Mishpacha (6:30 pm) and our annual “Blessing of the Pets,” as we will be reading from the Torah portion of Noah’s Ark. Holding our Shabbat service on Zoom allows us to have the opportunity to share in blessing many “indoor only” pets who aren’t able to be with us when our event is held outside. (Stuffed animals instead of/in place of pets are more than welcome, too!)

If you happened to miss our Erev Simchat Torah video where members of our congregation read a verse from each of our Torah portions, you can access it HERE.


Rabbi Jennifer L. Frenkel