A Message from Our Rabbi
May 13, 2020

We have come from near and far to raise our voice in song
And the more we join in the refrain, the more we feel strong
There is a power in this place and time; it shapes the rest of our lives
For when we return each year we find a truth we can’t deny
Be strong, let us strengthen one another
Be strong, let us celebrate our lives
Be strong, let us strengthen one another
Chazak, chazak, ve’nit’cha’zeik
[Dan Nichols]

This Shabbat we conclude our reading of the Book of Leviticus. And, as is tradition when we get to the end of a book in Torah, we say, “Chazak Chazak Ve’nit’cha’zeik” - Be strong, be strong, and we will strengthen one another. And so it is quite fitting that we take this time to recognize the power in THIS place and time. And we will do so Friday evening ( 6:30 pm ) , as we celebrate with our 12th Grade Hebrew High School students as we join together via Zoom for a very special Graduation Shabbat . (click HERE for online siddur)

While our students were looking forward to the excitement of finishing their Senior Year, sharing graduation with friends and family (in person!), and gathering on our bimah as a graduating class one last time, we are still committed to joining them in marking and celebrating this special time in their lives (and in the life of our Synagogue Family).

Each of our Seniors will be sharing reflections from their time at M’kor Shalom throughout the service, and we will have the opportunity to bless them as a congregational community as they mark this transition point in their lives. We are so proud of each of them, and I hope you will all join us for this very special evening.

Shabbat morning , I will be leading Torah Study beginning at 10:00 am, which will be followed by Spice Up Your Judaism at 11:15 am led by Edmond Weiss on the topic of “In God’s Image: The Maimonides Problem.” Both Shabbat morning sessions vill be via Zoom.


Rabbi Jennifer L. Frenkel