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Dear Parents / Guardians, Students, Staff, and Friends of the Sanborn Regional School District Community.

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June 12, 2020

Dear Staff, Students, and Community Members,

Please read this important update on   COVID-19 and district planning to improve cultural tolerance.

Return to School Work Groups have been established for Sanborn to plan how we will start the coming school year in the midst of the
 COVID-19 pandemic. There are two groups - one focused on grades Pre-K through Six and another focused on grades Seven through Twelve. The groups include parents, a member of the school board, teachers from each grade level, guidance counselors, school nurses, building administrators, and SAU office administrators. Our first meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 24th. 

The District is in the beginning stages of establishing a Social Justice Committee in response to the death of George Floyd and recent related events. The District Social Justice Committee will include teachers, administrators, and parents from all of the District's schools. Each school will also have a Social Justice Committee that mirrors the District Committee. The goal of the District is to examine our pedagogical practices: the language we use, the texts and materials we present to our students, and the curriculum we build to see how we can change them to be culturally inclusive, responsive, and anti-racist. We need to teach ourselves, each other, and our students how to identify, engage, and dismantle racism, bias, and oppression. As educators, we must continuously work toward becoming agents of positive change through self-reflection, and education. Sanborn is committed to this work. 

Finally, we are pleased to report that the move to make the District Reorganization a reality is now complete. All of the schools have now been moved to their new locations, teachers have had some time to unpack and are still settling in to their new classrooms. While there is still some construction happening, this is another milestone in our journey.  We want to express our deep gratitude to all the teachers, paras, custodians, and administrators for their help and patience. A huge thank you go out to Steve Riley, Director of Facilities and Matt Angell, Business Administrator, for their roles in making the move happen.

Enjoy your weekend and stay safe!


Thomas J. Ambrose

SAU 17 Board  & Committee Meetings

School Board Meetings

The next remote meeting via Zoom is scheduled for: 

Wednesday, June 17, 2020 at 6 PM 
For agenda, please click here.

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Subcommittee Meetings:


Facilities- 3:45 PM

Excellence in Student Achievement (EISA) 4:45 PM


All Sanborn Regional School District fields and playgrounds 
are  currently  closed 
to the public until further notice .

Food Updates:

Food is available for all students who attend the Sanborn Regional School District. Free and reduced meal forms should still be completed because once we go back to "normal" those will be used to determine who is eligible to continue to receive meals. Everyone is eligible to receive the food, but the paperwork needs to be completed regardless of income level. Even if you have not been approved in the past, please consider applying again.
Please contact for additional information

We would like to encourage anyone who has experienced a change in job  status to reach out to us for food support. The information is completely confidential and the approval process has changed during this time of a national emergency. 



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