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Dear Parents,

Although officially we are on spring break for the remainder of this week and next, I am sure that many of us are heeding the lead from our government and staying home.  Probably for many, travel and vacations abroad or even domestically, have been shattered and even canceled due to the uncertainty, unknowns and risk factors associated with COVID-19.

I want to recognize the disruption this has caused in all our lives and acknowledge the difficulty this all presents for our students, faculty and YOU as parents. Now more than ever, we need to hone in on the social-emotional well-being of all. Use this as an opportunity for self-awareness, self-management, and self-care amongst everyone in your home; adults and kids alike. Use this time to problem-solve together, to do some decision making together and work through these difficult weeks ahead together. The operative word is together. Children will surprise you!  

In the past days, we have been inundated with all sorts of resources to help parents, specifically, navigate the days ahead with their children.

Here are just a few from FRIENDZY Co. that might help.  You may even have others.  
  • Develop a schedule for you and your children. Allow their input. Include downtime or recess. Everyone needs a break.
  • Journaling can be a great stress reducer. Journaling has the capacity to organize our thoughts, clear our mind and facilitate problem-solving.
  • Doodling & Conversation Activity - choose a catchphrase and allow for it to fuel a conversation or a drawing. "When I grow up, I want to be..." Or for older students, "Everything will be alright...", "If I could solve a problem in the world, I would..."
  • Enjoy opportunities of deep, thoughtful conversation.
As our faculty continues to plan and put into action what SSEDS online learning will look like, I ask for your patience and support. We all must acknowledge that we will travel through murky waters, that there will be bumps on the road and challenges ahead. However, the strength in our community has always been our ability to join hands not only in times of celebration but more importantly in times of adversity.

I have immense faith, trust, and respect in the leadership of our faculty and staff, as well as, full faith in our students! As I write this email, all of us are deliberating, collaborating and finalizing our steps as we embark on remote learning in a little over a week from now. Let's bring our strength forward, let's bring our love and passion for our ministry and our students forward and let's use this as an extraordinary opportunity to become even better! 

In the coming week, you will receive more detailed information on resources and remote learning at SSEDS. Our goal is to keep it simple, use platforms that our students are familiar with and do everything in our power for learning at home to continue.

I pray for all of us!