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Dear Families,
As I sit in front of my home computer and reflect on the past two weeks, it only affirms what SSEDS has always stood for, a community that celebrates together and more importantly, a community that at times of adversity joins hands and overcomes! This is what we have explicitly done for the past two weeks and it will continue to permeate although we are far away from each other!
During these challenging times and in the midst of this crisis, we are reminded of just how much we yearn to be together. It is so important to embrace that sentiment and store it in our hearts, as a reminder that the time we spend in each other's company is truly precious.     
Our spirit and our passion will never be destroyed, no matter how much outside forces, in this case, this horrific pandemic, want to destroy it! No matter how far we are from each other, distance cannot and will not shut us down!
OUR students have shown us great resilience, and our faculty and staff have shown us courage and commitment in astounding ways as they have taken on our distance learning. And YOU, our families, have continued to show us your trust, your support, your flexibility, and your strength as you yourselves are navigating these unprecedented times.
Today, I urge us all to be calm and pause. I wish you and your entire family a very blessed Easter weekend. May God continue to guide us and lead us through these murky waters with his grace, his compassion, his love, and his wisdom.