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Dear SSEDS Parents,

I hope your family is safe, healthy, and in good spirits, as we come closer to the end of the 2019-2020 school year. We never imagined what this school year had in store for all of us. However, as we have continued to navigate these difficult times, our strength in community has continued to shine through. We are all in this together!

We thank you for the feedback we received on our SSEDS Remote Learning Survey 2 last week. Each day, our faculty and staff continue to reflect and iterate our process in order to meet our students' needs. Collectively, your feedback was widespread and varied as is expected when addressing the needs of a diverse group of learners. However, it was affirming to hear of the practices in place that are working for our students and the overwhelming amount of positive comments and support for the work of our faculty. Thank you!

As well, your honesty and transparency with how we can continue to improve were notable. The common themes of workload, differentiation, and rigor, more social connection opportunities, live time with teachers, both in small groups or individually, will continue to be addressed. However, as you can imagine, all of these common themes also had a wide spectrum of needs.    

On a daily basis, faculty are working countless hours to ensure appropriate workload, differentiation, and rigor. If you still find concerns in these areas, I ask that you contact your child's teacher directly. Personal and transparent contact with our teachers is the best way to communicate so instruction and expectations of your child can be best adapted. With regard to social connection opportunities, I know many grade-levels have allowed or added into their schedule Zoom time where the students can connect socially. We have also heard your wishes on more live time, small group, or individualized time on Zoom, and these, in many instances, have been added to your child's days.  

As stated in previous communications, I urge us all to trust our faculty and our staff. Their commitment and their dedication towards our students has been astounding, all the while managing and caring for their own families. As the weeks and months have gone by, we have all listened, improved upon, and addressed many of your concerns and suggestions while recognizing that in a virtual platform addressing different types of learners is not one size fits all. It is, although, creating a balance that is age-appropriate and meets the needs of a wide range of learners.

Although there is still much uncertainty, plans for the upcoming school year are underway. Our health and safety protocols are being considered as well as anticipated social distancing protocols guided by the CDC, as well as County and Statewide mandates. On August 19, we will all back together again and we anticipate it with great joy. I continue to be grateful for our faculty, staff, and students, as they are the true heroes in Remote Learning and pray for our entire SSEDS community not only as we weather this storm but come out on the other side, even stronger. I know we will!

With much appreciation,