Dear Families,

One week into our remote learning, and I know it has been demanding on everyone - you, your children and our team of teachers. Thank you, from deep in my heart, for being open to this new adventure together. I have had the privilege of hearing from many of you, and the resounding message is that despite the seemingly endless challenges and demands on your time it has been truly heartwarming to watch and listen to your child's teacher(s) interact and engage with them with such care. Through the many challenges this pandemic poses for people near and far, the opportunity to strengthen our home-family partnership is such a gift to us all.

So much of who we are as an institution is the community that has been fostered over the eight decades since Pine Cobble's founding. We are ever mindful of the work that is needed to continue to nurture that community feeling, especially when we are not on our physical campus together. We want to see you, hear from you, listen to you.

Please plan to join us, even if for ten minutes, at our bi-weekly, remote coffee hours on Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m . The first one is next Wednesday, April 15th . Click here on Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. to join us. It can be what you want it to be, so bring your questions, your ideas for other parents as to what is working for you at home in this time of remote learning, and bring any uplifting stories you wish to share with us all during this very challenging time. Hope to see you Wednesday.

Finally, as this first week of remote learning is coming to a close, Mr. Wootton and our fabulous team of teachers, as always, want to grow and learn from you about what is working and what can be improved in the weeks ahead. Please take a minute (and I know it is hard to even find 60 seconds these days) to fill out this survey . Thank you.

Please take good care and hopefully the weekend brings us some more sunshine.