Dear Families,

I hope week two of remote learning has allowed you to fall into more of a routine with your children, and that the structure we all crave has found its way into your days. Thank you for filling out the survey that has offered our team much needed input and opened up conversations at every division of the school. We appreciate your taking the time to fill that out. For those who did not have a chance to do so, or who want to fill out the form again after week two, here it is.

On the horizon are conferences, which were on the calendar for April 22nd and 23rd. Teachers are still planning conferences, but they are going to look different as we cannot be face to face. Lead teachers in each grade will be sending out sign ups for families to schedule a check-in time over the next two weeks. This is an opportunity to speak with your child's teachers, hear feedback on your child's work from the start of the new marking period to our departure from school on March 13th, and talk about your child's experience with remote learning. In this new learning environment, teachers and parents will partner more than ever, and we encourage you to view these meetings as a collaborative effort to best serve your child. 

We had our first parent coffee this past Wednesday. Thanks to those who were able to join. It was a fun way for parents to hear from others what is working and offer ideas and support to each other. We are planning our next coffee for the 29th of April, again at 10:00 a.m. Look for more information from Nicole Goswami as the date nears.

With Patriots' Day a state holiday commemorating the Battles of Lexington and Concord and recognized by Massachusetts and Maine, we will not have school this Monday, April 20th. We want to give students and all of you a day without any new remote lessons, and instead give students time to catch up on past work. If you have any questions for your child's teacher, please try to send those sometime today, and on Tuesday the faculty will be back online with your children.

I am hoping in the weeks ahead to pick a geographic area twice a week and drive to all of our students' homes in that area. I will pull over and simply beep my horn (I'm hoping to have a megaphone so your children can hear me!!), say hello, and see your children's smiling faces. I will be in touch by email when I am coming to your area. If the timing or the idea simply don't work for you and your family, just let me know with a quick return email.

I miss them all so much!

Take care,