Dear Families,
As I type, I am here in my office thinking about all of you and your wonderful children. I think about you every day wishing you and your children were with me on campus - it is very quiet. Todd Maselli, a wonderful member of our team who keeps our buildings shining brightly, is here this week with me, and we have taken to eating lunch together (of course, minding the six foot social distancing). As we sit in the dining room, I find myself longing for the hustle and bustle of our community.
While that interaction in the same physical space is not an option right now, I want you to know how much exciting preparation is happening by all of our teachers as they get ready to offer your children a robust remote learning experience. Other plans/preparation around community activities and connections (of course, all of them will be remote for now) are in the works, and you will hear more about them in the weeks ahead. We are a community like no other, and nothing will stop us from staying connected. My deep belief in every member of the Pine Cobble family gives me the confidence we will come out of this stronger in ways we can't even imagine at this point.
I do want to be sure everyone saw/heard Governor Baker's press conference late Wednesday in which, among many other topics, he announced that all public and independent K-12 and all non-emergency childcare programs will not be in operation on their physical campuses through the end of April, with Monday, May 4th, the earliest date at which schools can return to their campus.
While last week our teachers had engaging online content for your children, on Monday, April 6th, we will begin our full remote learning program at Pine Cobble.The remote learning program will continue at least through Friday, May 1st.   If that date is extended, I will be in touch.
Please look for more specifics from Mr. Wootton next week with plans and guidance for the remote learning for/with your children. Along with the careful preparation for your child's remote learning program, Mr. Wootton and the teachers have given a great deal of thought to the structure of our days and weeks ahead.  A big part of our thinking, along with the academic content, is the planning around screen time, being ever mindful of the incredible stress and exhaustion these times are causing for all families, with work obligations on top of all of the familial demands on the adults in the household. I am sure words don't relieve any of that stress and exhaustion for you, but I do want you to know every step in this process, every decision made has you and your children in the forefront of our minds.
In the weeks ahead, my goal is to communicate weekly around topics and decisions big and small. While it will never replace the personal, face to face interactions, it will offer me a chance to connect with you all weekly. Don't be surprised if you receive a phone call from me as well. Hearing your, your children's and the faculty's voices helps sustain me in these quiet days on campus.
Also, please look for regular postings on Facebook and Instagram from Nicole Goswami - another way for this thriving, healthy, compassionate community to stay connected.
As always, please do not hesitate to be in touch for any reason with me here at school at ext. 19 or by email at or with Devin Wootton at