Dear Families,
We have spent a good part of this week going through the events that are important to our students, faculty, and families and are built into the fabric of this school. While doing any of them remotely can never be what they are in person, we are thinking through how to keep the integrity of the event when done remotely, while focusing on the parts of each that matter most to our students.
As you will see on Seesaw and Google Classroom later today, we have some video footage to honor Spanish Day, and we look forward to returning to the Spanish Day we love in the spring of 2021.
Parent Preview has been moved to May 13th . You will see more information from your child's current teacher in the next week. The event will be a live video with your child's teacher for next year in which you will learn, in general terms, about the academic program and the traditions that make up the year in that classroom. You will have a chance to ask questions of the teachers, too. These live sessions will be taped, so anyone who can't be there will be able to watch later. Anyone who watches the video version should feel free to send an email to your child's next year teacher with any questions.      
The Formal Dance for sixth through ninth graders is scheduled for Friday, May 29th . More information to follow soon to the sixth through ninth graders. We will, of course, work with the students, getting their thoughtful input on how to make this a memorable event for them.
Flip Flop Day is an opportunity for children to spend time with their teacher for the next year. When on campus, it is a chance to see their new space, talk to their new teacher, and wear flip flops! This event, as scheduled, will be on June 5th . The students will see and talk to their new teacher and, hopefully, wear their flip flops. Going to their new space will not be possible at this time. More details will be coming with a link to follow from your child's current teacher for this June 5th event. By June, those summer flip flops will be out and ready to go! We will not be able to have this year's Field Day, also scheduled for June 5th. 
The final two big events of the year, Recognition Day and Graduation, will be mapped out by faculty, administration, and students in our oldest grades - our soon-to-be graduates. More information to follow in the next few weeks.
I had more fabulous visits this week with our wonderful students. Next week, hoping to get to all of our remaining families, spending the afternoons of Tuesday, Thursday and Friday driving to see your children. I will send an email a day or two before and keep a close watch on the weather. 
As I have been driving around visiting students, I find myself smiling from ear to ear and saying,  "I love my job." Your children fill my heart. 
Take care,