Dear Families,
I apologize that this weekly message did not get to you last Friday. The embedded video had some glitches, so it seemed best to wait until today. 
I write to thank you for all you are doing, continuing as partners in your children's education. We, the faculty and staff, are aware of how challenging it is right now for parents/caregivers in your roles at home with your children, while also helping to provide for your family, and partnering with your child's wonderful teachers. Again and again, we hear parents share their gratitude for Pine Cobble's teachers. You recognize and appreciate the hard work our teachers are doing each day as they engage your children and nurture their love of learning and sense of community, even on a screen. Your gratitude for their work is mirrored by our gratitude for yours.
Devin and I have put together a video to share so many things we, on behalf of the entire team, want you to know. After watching it, I hope you feel less like you are on an island as you continue to support your children in their learning. We are here for you. Please don't ever forget that.
Up this week is Parent Preview. Please be sure you received a link from your child's current teacher for the day and time to join in a remote gathering with your child's teacher for next year. These will happen on Wednesday (5-13), Thursday (5-14) and Friday (5-15) - so please be sure you saw the announcement and have the link. We hope by staggering the days, parents with multiple children can be part of the live presentations by all of their children's next year teachers.
More details to come in the weeks ahead around other upcoming events.
Take good care,