Dear Pine Cobble community,

Thank you for attending the Pine Cobble Community Forum on Monday evening. Your support and cooperation during this unprecedented and challenging period of time is greatly appreciated. We recognize that the last several weeks have presented our Pine Cobble community with uncertain moments as we face this pandemic together. We will strive to support our community with the same love and care that we share on our campus.

Our goal was to hold an event that was informative, while also providing opportunities for our community to address questions and concerns. We are grateful for your attendance, participation and thoughtful input. The safety of our students, faculty and staff remains our top priority, and we will continue to share information about our reopening plan in a transparent and timely manner.

Last night, we ran out of time, and there were questions we did not get to answer. Please feel free to continue to send questions directly to Sue Wells at in the days ahead. We will send out another communication this week that we hope will answer some of those questions and any updates to our plan to reopen next week.

In the event you were not able to attend last night, please click here for the presentation given by Dr. Trey Dobson, Chief Medical Officer at Southwestern Vermont Medical Center. Once again, thank you for your participation in the Community Forum last night. We sincerely appreciate your continued time, understanding and engagement as we navigate this challenging time together. 

Please stay safe and know that together we will persevere.

Warm regards,