Addressing the Needs of 
Ugandan Street Children 
and Their Community

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Our rented house has become too small for our growing kids--
We need a permanent home to call our own!!

Help Us Buy a Home for Jajja's Kids
and change their lives for a better tomorrow

Join us at our Annual Fundraiser
as we launch our Capital Campaign 

Sunday, September 24, 2017
2 to 6 pm 
Revolution Hall, Troy, NY


A personal message from the home front... 

Juma, Shafik, Diane, Davis and Dauda

Dear Friends,
As I write this, drums are beating in the front yard of Jajja's Kids home.  The energy is joyous as Ronnie and others teach traditional music to our children.  Sitting next to me (and reading aloud each word I type) is 9-year-old Kayondo.  He was 4 when Ronnie brought him to our home. 
In Kayondo's own words: 
"I came here in 2012 when the year was ending.  From 2013 to now is five years.  I like education and I love Uncle Jeff for the English he taught me because when I came here I didn't know a single word from English.  I thank Uncle Richard for the dancing and drumming that he taught me.  I thank Uncle Ronnie for the clothes that he gives me and the school fees.  And I also thank Jajja Diane for the text books that you brought for us. 
When I was at my mother's home I was still in baby class (nursery school) and Uncle Ronnie brought me here and he started teaching me from here.  Then he took me to primary school and now I am in Primary 3."
Kayondo is one of the lucky ones.  He could have been lost to street life, but instead he is here.  His smile melts my heart, his hug lifts my spirits. He is serious about learning and has the confidence to thrive.  His mother is back in their village, suffering from HIV.  It is difficult to imagine the life of Kayondo and all our nineteen children if not for Jajja's Kids.
The level of poverty in this country is profound.  Roadside homes are often made from bits of lumber haphazardly constructed.  Dirt roads are deeply rutted by heavy rains; paved roads can be so broken that two-way driving is hazardous. Very young children beg between stopped cars.   Despite severe hardships so many Ugandans face, there is also much love here.  People are often warm, friendly, open and caring. 
We are forever grateful for the generous support that allows our program to survive and our children to thrive. But we are outgrowing our rented home!  More than ever we now need a place to call our own. At this year's annual fundraiser, we will launch a campaign for a permanent home in a healthy environment for Jajja's Kids.  

           With gratitude,



Please Join Us

Sunday, September 24 
2 to 6 pm
Revolution Hall, Troy NY.  

Be part of building an exciting new life for Jajja's Kids, 
while you enjoy: 
  • A fun-filled afternoon with a taste of Africa
  • Friends old and new
  • Delicious food at a great venue
  • Ronnie Sseruyange, director of Jajja's Kids-Africa, who will join us for the event!

Help launch our campaign  
to begin a new life for Jajja's Kids! 

Every dollar you give
helps a special group of kids
have a better tomorrow!

As always, we thank you for your caring and support.  Jajja's Kids could not be where it is today without the dedication and commitment of our many donors, sponsors and volunteers. 

Our words are small, but heart-felt:

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