A Message from Your Pastors
Dear Keller UMC Family,

How often do you ask family members or friends “how was your day?” It’s a universal question that begs for a story. Have you ever been dissatisfied when someone responds with only a few words, like “my day was fine” or “it was great.” In our house, getting our pre-teen son to tell us the story of his day is like pulling teeth! But we care about him and we want to know how he’s doing - we want to hear his story!

In worship this weekend, we’ll continue with the series “Stories Matter” and hear from KUMC member Shannon Shedd as she tells a story of what God has done in her life. We are focusing on stories this season to highlight that understanding one another through story is a faithful way to grow together, in the image of our God who speaks to us through the stories of Scripture. Stories convey deep truth, deep pain and deep love. And storytelling is part of our heritage as United Methodists.

The United Methodist Church was born out of a movement that began with small groups, called class meetings. These groups met weekly and the content of their meetings involved asking one another the question “how is it with your soul?” The Methodists were invited to tell the story of their walk with God, the good and the bad.

The main hope behind group meetings like this was to share stories with the goal of sanctification, which means “to increase in the knowledge and love of God and in love for our neighbor.” When we share about how God is moving in our lives, and hear how God is moving in the lives of others, we become more trusting, more loving, and more generous. Storytelling changes us for the better!

This all leads to some questions - how is the story of your life unfolding right now? If asked “how is it with your soul?” how would you respond today? Do you have words to describe how God is working in your life, or where you see signs of God’s blessing? Is this a story you are being called to share with someone?

Small Group Formation
We want to be a church that encourages the sharing of stories so that the growth of God’s grace among and within us might be apparent. We are in the process of building new opportunities for small groups that can come together and to support and share with one another. If you are interested in forming a new small group, please contact Pastor Lauren Christenberry as this process begins.

Worship this Sunday
We hope you will join us this Sunday for storytelling, praise, prayer and worship. You are welcome to worship in-person in the Sanctuary or online at 9 or 11am. Nursery care for children ages 0-3 resumes this Sunday and reservations are currently needed in this transition - click here to make a nursery reservation.

We’ll end with a quote from a favorite Christian author, Frederick Buechner, who said: “Maybe nothing is more important than that we keep track of these stories of who we are and where we have come from and the people we have met along the way because it is precisely through these stories that God makes himself known to each of us . . .”  

Grace and peace,
Pastors Estee and Jason Valendy