Vestry Corner
Church of the Holy Comforter, Vienna, VA
November 7, 2022
The Church of the Holy Comforter Endowment Fund was established to ensure the church’s lasting financial health and ability to fulfill its mission. Many parishioners have added to the fund which has grown to more than $582,000, as of September, 2022. Many give to the endowment by including the church in their estate planning, or giving to commemorate an event such as a birth or death. But gifts are always welcome just to grow the Endowment funds to secure the Church’s financial future. The income is used to support the ministries of the Church of the Holy Comforter. The Holy Comforter Endowment Fund is managed so as to exist in perpetuity, and the principal is retained to continue generating income. As the Fund grows, the amount available to support church ministries is greater. The investment objective of the endowment is to provide a sustainable and increasing level of income to more completely fulfill Holy Comforter’s mission by developing its ministries beyond what is possible through its annual operating funds.

In May, fifteen book awards were presented to graduating high school seniors who have been active at Church of the Holy Comforter and who are going on to higher education. Those awards came from the Carol Stock Book Fund, a sub-fund of the Endowment. Another sub-fund, the Columbarium Endowment Fund, provides funds for the perpetual care of the Columbarium. Recently the Fund was used to purchase new, durable, long-wearing name plates for the niches. Distributions from the largest fund, the General Endowment Fund, are to be used for capital needs, outreach ministries and grants, seed money for new ministries, and special one-time projects. In recent years, proceeds from the General Fund have helped in purchasing audio-visual equipment and tables and chairs for the Ministry Center, and in upgrading the audio system in the Sanctuary. Our newest sub-fund is the Leadership Education and Development Fund which makes disbursements to support education and professional development of the church’s non-clergy staff and lay leaders.
The IONA Fund was created as a perpetual endowment by an anonymous donor in 2007. The purpose of the Fund is to support activities of the parish, whether local, national, or international, involving the youth of the parish. The IONA Fund is invested and managed independently from the Church of the Holy Comforter Endowment.
Individual contributions to the Church of the Holy Comforter Endowment and the IONA Fund are gratefully accepted and are a way to support the mission of the church beyond the necessary current expenses that are met by the operating fund. Contact Treasurer Peggy Miller to contribute to the Endowment. Contact Robert Bruce, the Chairman of the Endowment Board, with any endowment questions.