Vestry Corner
Church of the Holy Comforter, Vienna, VA
August 26, 2019
Join us on the Mountain!
It is that time of year. Time to register for the Shrine Mont All-Parish Retreat. Time to join us to “Eat, Pray, and Play.” If you are a regular and have not signed up, read no further. Please register online HERE. Join over 100 parishioners who have already signed up. Now. Go directly online. Do not pass GO. Do pay your retreat fee. 

If you have never been or have not been in a while, please read on and then register online HERE. For many of us the Parish Retreat is a “can’t miss event.” I know many of you are saying, “Sounds great but do you realize how difficult it is to get away the first weekend of school? Kip, are you kidding me?” No, I would not dream of it. Look at it as extending your summer one more weekend. Or escaping the pressures of Northern Virginia as the school year starts for two more days. I guarantee a blood pressure drop of at least 20 points when you reach Shrine Mont.

So, what can you expect? Crisp mountain air, cold nights on the porches with the beverage of your choice and a truly eclectic variety of munchies (I can fill you in on who brings the absolute best stuff), and hearty Shrine Mont meals (always the same meals in the same order for the obsessive compulsives among us). Do you like to run? A group will run each morning. If you are a hiker—two choices: a moderate hike to the Cross or a more strenuous but rewarding hike up North Mountain. Couch potato? Napping is a favorite pastime on Saturday afternoon, with no judgment. Golfer? Join us 5 minutes away at Bryce or 9 or 18 holes with the only distraction being the occasional buzz of an airplane landing on the adjoining strip.

So, what about the program, Kip? Well, David Hoover is again leading us. What a treat that was last year. His theme this year will be “Contemplative Practices for Christian Life: How to Pray.” Learning to pray—which of us couldn’t benefit from that?

Families! Shrine Mont is not like any place in Northern Virginia. At the end of a long winding mountain pipe stem it is a place for your kids to have a little taste of freedom that they do not experience at home. Our excellent Children’s and Youth Ministry programs are set for the weekend and nursery care is available. Too expensive? We have put a cap of $500 per family. We want you there! And if your kids have never attended the summer camps at Shrine Mont, this can be their first taste.

Haven’t been in a while? You will be surprised. Shrine Mont’s capital campaign is bearing fruit. All the accommodations are much better than when we first made the journey to Orkney Springs. Indeed, every aspect of the facility improves and Shrine Mont is filling up every week and weekend, making early signup more critical so you will not be left out.

Have I convinced you? Please take the plunge. Your wellness may depend on it!

Kip and John