"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."
- Maya Angelou
Mid-Year Updates
We are six months into the ACEC of Louisiana (ACEC/L) 2017-2018 Year and are proud to have accomplished many of the goals we set out for the year to make your ACEC/L better. We hope the results of the goals have encouraged you to be more engaged in your organization.

One of the goals for this year was to begin the Implementation Phase of the new 2017-2022 Strategic Plan that was established last year. A copy of this Strategic Plan can be found on the ACEC of Louisiana website.

With the purpose of ACEC/L being to protect, educate and advance the business of consulting engineering, our strategic goals include the following:

ACEC of Louisiana Strategic Plan Goals:

Increase Membership by 25% over 5 years through diversification and engagement. 
Actively recruit and retain members by offering benefits, affinity programs, and association resources that leverages membership value and enhances member firms' success. This year we have added 3 new members and lost 3 existing members, however, in January 2018 we will be adding 4 new member firms.

Be Recognized as the Voice of Advocate of Engineering Business Community
. Strengthen the brand of ACEC/L that provides measurable value to members by enhancing a stronger public relations/communications program; creating a stronger governmental relations program; and creating educational programs to achieve financial success of member firms. To this end, we have established the Business Council and reached out to our members through the Chapter Presidents.

Be Recognized by all Engineering Companies as the Primary Source of Business Practices.
ACEC/L will become the primary source on business practices through the development of a business outreach program; business education; and assist other professional industry organizations in the business of engineering. The ACEC/L Business Council has created the first Business Forum to provide engineering business education for our members as well as establish an outreach program through the Public Relations committee.

Maintain a Highly Effective Board and Committee Structure.
Assess the current Board and Committee structure in order to develop an updated organizational plan with definitive terms of board positions to enhance a highly effective board and committee structure in addition to ensuring the bylaws are amended accordingly.
Enhance the Financial Strength of ACEC/L.
Develop a plan to improve the financial performance of ACEC/L by diversification of revenue sources; banking and investment program evaluations; and to promote more sponsorships and advertising. Recently we have changed financial institutions to get better rates of investments. We are identifying additional revenue generators for ACEC/L.

In addition to the Implementation of the Strategic Plan, additional goals for this year are:
  • Have 100% of Board of Governors contribute to the ACEC PAC
    We have accomplished this goal with all board members donating to the ACEC PAC.
  • Develop an ACEC/L Business Council and Business Forum
  • We have accomplished this goal with the formation of the Business Council lead by the Past Presidents Council. A Business Forum is planned for March 2018. Additional information will be provided soon.
  • Have ACEC/L Board Members join ACEC National Committees to represent our membership on the National level
    We have accomplished this goal with membership on Transportation, Management Practices, and Leadership Committees.
I am so proud of the hard work and dedication the Board of Governors and Committee Members have put forth so far this year. They have been instrumental in creating a more valuable ACEC/L for you and your firms. I must also thank you, the member firms, for your feedback, participation in events, and shared vision for this organization. We are here to bring value to your business operations and ensure that you are receiving benefits that will positively impact your firm. I aim to continue this momentum into the new calendar year and look forward to engaging and working with you all to make ACEC/L the best in the industry.
I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Kurt M. Evans, PE, FITE, FACEC
2017-2018 ACECL President