Kurt Evans, ACECL President 2017-2018
"ACEC of Louisiana exists to protect, educate and advance the business of consulting engineering." - ACECL Strategic Plan Purpose 2017-2022
We are planning an exciting year for our member firms! Our focus will be to advance the position and prominence of our organization by launching a year-long campaign to increase and strengthen our membership. Steps we are taking in accomplishing this goal include the creation of the Business Council.
The Business Council will be comprised of ACECL members with interest and expertise in business and governmental affairs. The proposed goal of the Business Council is to organize and conduct periodic one-day Business Forums.  The Forum will be devoted to important and current industry issues as determined by the Business Council, with input from ACECL member firms. 
The issues and topics will be facilitated and discussed by appointed experts who are seasoned and proficient in the following: market development, operations management, and personnel management. Forum attendees will learn in-depth information about key issues and how they directly impact their firms. The goal of the business forum is to educate business managers and to encourage them to take advantage of the positive and effective influencers that can be inserted into their business model, as well as how to resist and protect their businesses from negative influencers.
In addition to an expert presenter covering his or her key topic, one session at each Forum will allow a "round table" exchange of information among attendees and the formation of alliances among firms with mutual interests.  
A survey will be sent to the ACECL member email list to gather input on the agenda for the first Business Forum. Please look for the upcoming survey next week and provide your response.
If you are interested in joining the Business Council and assisting in the development of the upcoming programs, please email me or Janet Tomeny at Jtomeny@acecl.org with your interest and you will be added to the committee. Together we will accomplish our goal and mission to make ACECL become recognized as the Primary Source on Business Practices and the Advocate of the Engineering Business Community.
I encourage all of you to help us in spreading the word of the value of ACECL membership and join in the drive to recruit new member firms representing all disciplines of engineering.


Kurt M. Evans, P.E., FITE, FACEC
2017-2018 ACECL President

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