Health and Safety Update
PCA Family,

Based on Governor Abbott’s announcements and plans on how to handle the COVID-19 crisis, we are unable to return to our campus classrooms for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. We are ready to continue our online learning to provide the needed curriculum and teaching to finish this year strong. 

Because our students have performed so well, and our teachers are on track to meet all learning objectives for the year, we will be able to finish up our classroom time for the semester early. Our last day of classes will be Friday May 22. The following week (which was originally the final week of the regularly scheduled school year), we will hold for teacher conferences as needed. 

Future announcements are forthcoming as to specific year-end celebrations for our students.

Praise God, He is faithful, and PCA is so much bigger than our campuses. We live out our mission no matter where we are, bringing Christ’s redemptive love and truth to a world more in need than ever. Hopefully you have been able to look past the challenges, to a see a community that has been able to step up and face these days together.

Praying for you,

John P. Klingstedt
Executive Director/Interim Head of School