Staying Connected, Though We Must Be Apart


As we face many uncertainties as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, I have been uplifted and inspired by the determination and faithfulness of our pastors across the Mid-South District as they seek to provide access to worship and God's Word through a variety of creative means. To assist our congregations in sharing that information--and individuals as they try to stay informed throughout this evolving crisis--the Mid-South District has added a Coronavirus Resource Page to our website. I encourage you to visit the page for helpful information such as a growing list of congregations with live or recorded worship services online .

The District website also includes information on a "dial-in" worship service and Wednesday Devotion that the Mid-South District will host for those who do not have internet access--only a phone. I encourage you to pass along the information to any family members or friends without internet access who are concerned about being separated from their faith community and worship.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, as each new day reveals more change and greater challenges to our daily lives, I urge you to do three things:
Pray for every aspect of this crisis, every day. When you are tempted to worry, pray instead. When you are grateful for another day of health, pray. When your patience or faith seems stretched to its limit, pray.

The "social distancing" required to defeat the COVID-19 virus will create a crisis of its own for those who will be completely isolated and alone. Stay in frequent contact with these people and keep them in your prayers.

If you are able, please continue to financially support your church. Many faithful supporters of ministry will have their incomes disrupted by this crisis. If you are fortunate enough to be spared such loss, prayerfully consider helping to "fill in the gap" by increasing your giving over the coming weeks.
It is very easy to look around us during this time and see challenges in every direction. But we must not forget that this crisis will provide valuable opportunities, as well--opportunities for sharing our faith, caring for one another, and growing ever closer to God. Even as we continually pray for a swift end to this pandemic, may we also embrace the opportunities set before us.

In Christ,
Rev. Dr. Roger Paavola
President, Mid-South District LCMS