Greetings UW-Parkside Students,

On behalf of the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (OMSA), we hope that you are safe, healthy, and doing well. As the semester draws to a close, please know that OMSA is here as a source of support and encouragement for you.

While things may seem overwhelming, stressful, or distracting, please keep in mind the following as you focus on successfully completing this academic year.

Remember your motivation.
  • What (or perhaps who) is the reason you wanted to pursue your degree?
  • Keep that reason in mind when you need encouragement to complete the semester.

Prepare for Final Exams.
  • Your Final Exam schedule is listed in your Student Center in SOLAR. Verify with your professor.
  • Is there a study guide available?
  • Are review sessions scheduled?
  • Check out the PARC (Parkside Academic Resource Center) website for information on tutors, writing assistance, etc.
  • Plan time in your schedule to study for the final exam and finish up those remaining projects.
  • Identify your favorite place(s) to study.

Maintain Connections.
  • Connect with classmates (study groups, exam prep).
  • Communicate with your professor (virtual office hours, ask your questions in class or via email).
  • Connect (virtually or by phone call) with those you care about (family, loved ones, friends, others) – keep in mind social distancing guidelines outlined by health officials.
  • Turn to your support system for encouragement and motivation.

Know your resources.

Our office’s mission is to connect, empower, and develop the campus community for success. Please keep in mind that we want to provide you with opportunities and resources to support your success. It is times like these that test our resolve but together we can get through this as we strive to keep moving forward. Please continue to stay engaged with our office.

Good luck with remaining final exams and projects!

All the best,

Luis Benevoglienti
Assistant Director of the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs

A Video Message from the OMSA Staff
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