Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

As part of our Baptismal Covenant we are called to care for and respect one another. As we are attempting to combat the coronavirus, the church must look at the call to help one another as well as the obligation to be good citizens. So, last night it was decided by me and the vestry that St. Paul’s will suspend all church services and group meetings until Palm Sunday, at the earliest. This will begin tomorrow, Wednesday, March 18.

This was a difficult decision but, I believe, the correct one. Hopefully this crisis will pass shortly and we can meet together soon as a church family. However, this does not mean we will be without our church services. It is our plan to provide a live streaming service this coming Sunday as well as Morning Prayer services on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. More information will be coming very soon about this. Also know that these services will be taped so they can be seen at any time.

Added to the list of meetings being canceled is our Feasibility Study conducted by Vandersall Collective. We have tentatively rescheduled the interviews for Sept. 18-20. Our Wednesday Lenten series is cancelled as well.

The vestry also have expressed their support for leaving our doors open during this crisis. You may find the nave a source of comfort and peace as we struggle with this pandemic.

While the church may be closed, please know that there will always be a clergy person on call. The number will be part of our outgoing voice messaging system. However, if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call me, Monna, or one of our dedicated staff members. In the meantime, please look out for one another during this time. Look in on those, especially the elderly, who may be alone.

As we are in the middle of Lent, perhaps this may be a good opportunity to deeper your Lenten commitments and disciplines. Look at our time apart as an occasion to strengthen your relationship with God. Lent calls us to examine inwardly our charge as followers of Christ. Let this time be a source of discovery for your spirituality.

We are a church of hope. And we won’t let fear take over. While we must be pragmatic in our actions we will pray mightily that this situation will soon pass. Keep our beloved church, St. Paul’s, in your prayers, as well as all others who have been affected by the virus.

Thank you for your witness and your understanding. May God continue to bless us, our community, and our church.