Roslyn Public Schools
December 10, 2020
Dear Roslyn Families,
I'm writing to update you on the Governor's Micro Cluster Initiative, which directed the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) to identify New York regions as yellow, orange, or red zones, based on their positivity rate for COVID-19. Each zone comes with specific restrictions. This letter, which includes a link to a video presentation below, will focus on how we are preparing for a yellow zone designation. This is a complex plan, and I urge you to take the time to read all the information we have provided below.
With positive cases on the rise, there is a strong possibility that Roslyn may soon be designated as a yellow zone. This designation would permit schools to remain open for in-person instruction if, and only if, we randomly test 20% of students and staff over a two-week period following the designation. If testing reveals the school's positivity rate is lower than the area's rate, testing does not need to continue and the schools could remain open. 

In order to comply with this testing mandate, the district has entered into a partnership with a highly qualified medical provider, Onsite Medical Solutions, to administer COVID-19 test kits provided by the NYSDOH. The test, called the BinaxNow Rapid Test does not require swabbing high into the nasal canal, only a swab around the lower portion of the nostril. I'm pleased to share that Dr. Stefan M. Muehlbauer, Chairman of Emergency Medicine at St. Francis Hospital, will serve as our Head Lab Director for the testing process. 

In order to stay open for in-person learning, we need compliance from the entire school community. Therefore, it is imperative that you help us compile our pre-testing database by completing our Roslyn COVID-19 Pre-Testing Feedback Form for every child in your household by Monday, December 14, 2020. This is not a consent form; you will be provided one at a later date. Please be aware, if we do not receive an adequate percentage of responses (making our 20% testing number impossible to reach) we are at risk of having the NYSDOH shut down our school buildings to all in-person learning.

We have created a testing plan that is simple, convenient, and transparent. You will be notified by email and/or text if your child(ren) has been randomly selected to be tested. All testing will be done drive-thru style on the grounds of the district, free of charge, and every student must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. In order not to disrupt instructional time, student testing will be offered after school and on weekends. More specific details will be provided when it becomes necessary. As we put our plans in motion, please keep in mind that ever-changing guidelines from the NYSDOH may require us to alter our testing plans. 

I invite you to watch a fifteen-minute Webinar Presentation that I hosted with Dr. Muehlbauer, explaining the testing program in more detail. 

We have also prepared a comprehensive FAQ document with detailed information about the zones and the testing process. If, after watching the webinar, and/or reading the FAQ document, you have any questions, please submit them using the 
Roslyn Public Schools COVID-19 Testing Question FormMy staff will respond as soon as possible. I know this is a lot of information, all at once. For your easy reference, this letter, the webinar, and the FAQ document are posted on our homepage. 

As of now, the Roslyn school community has not been identified as a micro cluster area. The work referenced in this letter is being done in preparation of a potential zone designation. Be assured, we are fully prepared to manage this next step. Furthermore, I encourage you not to view this testing as an inconvenience. Instead, think of it as a vital service to the Roslyn community and additional peace of mind for your family. 

We are most likely facing some tough months ahead. Let's all work together to do whatever it takes to keep our school buildings open and safe.

Allison Brown
Superintendent of Schools