Roslyn Public Schools
December 16, 2020

Dear Roslyn Families,

I'm writing to announce that the Roslyn School District will have a traditional snow day tomorrow, Thursday, December 17, 2020. All buildings will be closed to in-person and remote learning. 

I know that the last thing everyone needs is another day shut inside their homes! But this one is different. It's an opportunity to stay in your pajamas, make hot chocolate, play board games, or get outside and play in the snow with your family. So, have fun, make some memories, and watch the snowflakes fall. Just for tomorrow, let's have the kind of day that makes us forget how much we've been missing out on, and give our children the opportunity to experience a snow day in the way we all cherish and remember.

While we now have the option to go remote in lieu of snow days, the conditions of this particular snowstorm, which is promising gale force winds in addition to a significant snowfall, made it problematic to plan for a remote learning day. Power outages are extremely likely, and without power, many of our students would be unable to participate in class. Going forward, we will consider piloting a remote learning day instead of calling a snow day, taking each snowstorm on a case by case basis. 

Be safe everyone! And enjoy the day off!


Allison Brown
Superintendent of Schools