September 10, 2021
Dear Hendrick Hudson Families:
Over the past year and half, we have all learned to adapt to unexpected circumstances, and the start of this school year was no exception, as storm damage to the high school’s ventilation system necessitated a delayed opening. We look forward to welcoming our high schoolers back to campus on Monday.
For our elementary and middle school students, the first day of school, this past Thursday, was a time for joy and reconnection. As students stepped off buses, teachers and support staff were there to welcome everyone back to school. While there were certainly some first-day-of-school jitters, there were also many big smiles behind those masks. Visit the district’s Facebook page to see first-day photos.
It is wonderful to see so many of our athletic teams practicing and getting ready for the fall season, with games starting this week. Click here for the district’s weekly athletic schedules.
Recently, Governor Kathy Hochul announced new COVID-19 testing and vaccination policies for schools throughout the state. The Westchester County Department of Health has been tasked with creating specific plans for schools in our area, based on the governor’s stated goals. As soon as we receive details from the DOH, we will be sure to pass that information on to you.
To our new students and staff, I’d like to extend a warm welcome to our Hen Hud community. Be sure to follow the district on Facebook ( and Twitter (, and refer to the district website,, frequently for important news and links.
Wishing you a healthy and safe weekend.

Joseph Hochreiter
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