Monday, November 14, 2016
A Message from the Superintendent
Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends of the Washington Unified School District,

We know that the results of the recent presidential election have been reason for concern among many of our students and families stirring up feelings of anxiety and even questioning what kind of impact this will have in their lives and at home.

While our nation’s leadership is in the middle of transition, it is imperative that we continue to work together as a community to provide the stability our children need to be successful. Our great schools and community is made of people from different backgrounds, cultures, languages, and religions. We embrace this rich diversity and accept the responsibility of ensuring that our schools and classrooms continue to be safe places where ALL students can remain focused on a successful future. 

Our schools are the cornerstone of our community. We must continue to be kind and treat all people with dignity and respect, not allowing the results of this election to dictate our behavior in the classroom or in the community. The District has always been and will continue to remain focused on maintaining safe and inclusive schools for our students to thrive in.

The Washington Unified School District is fully committed to supporting our students with any reservations or concerns for their future. Each school has a support system and staff in place to help our students with any anxiety or fear. Each school is staffed with a part-time Social Worker and Outreach Specialist in addition to our teachers, campus safety monitors, support staff and administration.  Please talk to your children about the safety and support staff available at school. Our employees stand ready to support and help!

If your child is encountering any form of discriminatory behavior or bullying, we encourage you to report the incident to your teacher and school principal. Any acts of bullying or discrimination will not be tolerated and will be addressed accordingly. 

We must work together on behalf of the children of West Sacramento to demonstrate true respect and dignity to one another. Together, we will persevere through this transition in our nation and ensure that our students feel safe, welcomed, and respected at school.

Sincerely yours,
Linda C. Luna
Washington Unified School District 
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