Dear Chartiers Valley Family,

Tomorrow, we begin a new journey in education. As you may recall from my last memo, we are moving forward this week with remote learning for our students. This is an expansion from the “optional resources” that have been on the District website. 

If you have not already, you will be receiving emails from your building principals regarding your students’ learning platform. Middle and High School students will continue to use Google Classroom and Schoology, respectively. Primary and Intermediate students will shift to Google Classroom. 

For much of our community, this is new territory.  This week, as we transition from optional resources to remote learning, I ask that you give yourselves, your children, and their teachers time to work through this new process. 

While teachers do a wonderful job utilizing and communicating through digital platforms to assist in our students’ learning, this shift to remote learning is much different than the traditional schooling we are used to. 

Our students, too, will embark on a new type of learning - a style they may not be used to. Online learning takes patience and discipline, but I am confident that with perseverance and and a little reassurance from teachers and parents along the way, our students will be successful.

Tomorrow begins a new chapter for our parents and guardians as well. Most of you are not fluent in K-12 pedagogy, and chances are, you have never studied the curriculum. That is perfectly okay! The remote learning plan is not intended to add undue stress to your households. Our teachers and administrators are here to help! Your children will simply need your love and encouragement, as they are likely more nervous and anxious about these changing times than they appear to be. Your support and flexibility have been tremendous throughout the past two weeks. We could not have gotten this far with you! 

Yes, school is important and yes, schedules are handy, but the time you spend with your children during this unprecedented time is equally important. The way you handle this time will be etched in your children’s memory and hearts. You do not have to be your children’s teacher. Play a board game, take a walk together, or make something together. In fact, your kitchen might be one of the best “maker spaces” around! You’ve got this. 

Please visit the District website for more information, including a helpful list of FAQs ( ). As always, should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out.

As we venture into this new learning journey together, it will certainly have its ups and downs, but together we can, and together we will! Keep your heads up CV, as it is still a great ay to be a Colt!

I wish you all health and safety.

Most Sincerely,

Johannah M. Vanatta, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools