A Message from your Council Key 3
Distributed to: Group Commissioners and Scouters with Groups in Shining Waters Council, Shining Waters Council Leadership Team

Dear Scouters,

Happy Scout Week! Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Worldwide Scouting Movement and Chief Scout of the World, was born on February 22, 1857. The week of his birthday is celebrated as Scout Week by Scouts across the World. We hope you had an eventful week, including the Virtual Campfire this evening.​

At Scouts Canada, our mission is To help develop well rounded youth, better prepared for success in the world. All this would not have been possible without dedicated volunteers like you. This was true pre-COVID - and this is especially true as we are in a 1-in-100 year pandemic situation. Thank you!​

This year, Shining Waters Council would like to recognize our Group Support Scouters and Scouting Relationship Managers in particular - Allan Chan, Daisy Gao, Daniel Lei, Dena Rogers, Greg Peach, Jackson Kwok, Kristy Carthew, Mark Sokolowski, Marlene Harris, Purvin Wai, Sherin Bamji, and Vic Metcalfe.

We would also like to spotlight our Service Partners - from Program to Recognition to Administration to much more. Thank you, Allan Bray, Bob Martinell, Brenda Laird, Chuck Heron, Consuela St John, Elwick Tang, Hans Uhr, Peck Yap, Rob Finlayson, Suzanne St-Jean, and Wayne Morrison.

Most of your Council Scouters, both volunteers and staff, are also Section & Group Volunteer Scouters during their "nightlife" and "weekend life." They took on additional responsibility to ensure a personal support connection between Groups and Council. They ensured Shining Waters Council is able to support all 89 Groups - often quietly in the background. They're truly our Unsung Heroes.
In all, thank you for being part of Scouting during the current pandemic! Being part of Scouting doesn't mean we have to do what we could offer pre-COVID. Instead, we try our best with consideration to our personal circumstances. We uphold our positive attitude - and our youth will remember us for being with them during the 1-in-100-years situation for the rest of their life.

Good Scouting, and see you on the path!

Yours In Scouting,

Jason Gingrich, Nicole Donadio, and Kit Cheng
Shining Waters Council Key 3
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