What We Have Learned from the Garden
This has been a year of many things falling away, whether it is our freedom to go where we want, our sense of safety, our routines or our livelihoods. We sometimes take these things for granted, so at this time of the year how do we deepen our gratitude for what we do have? As Swami Radhananda states in the video, "It is so important to know about gratitude...to keep us together as a community, as people, as humans."
We look to our garden to teach us about gratitude—from the awe and wonder of what a simple seed can produce to how everything is beautifully orchestrated to produce the food we need. We are so thankful for the 2020 harvest, for all the work that people put in to the Ashram garden and orchard, and for the soil, the sun and the water. We are continually humbled.
We are also very grateful for you. Over this year you have sent us many words of support and appreciation as well as financial contributions. You have been a continual wellspring of inspiration as we move forward. We offer you these videos—Harvest of Gratitude, from our garden team, and Swami Radhananda’s Seeds of Gratitude (from the archives 2008).
From all of us at the Ashram, we wish you a season filled with a harvest of love and Light.