Dear Morning Star School Friends,

We hope you and your families are safe, healthy and adapting to the new “normal” during this very difficult time. 

We’re reaching out today to share information, stories and photos of our amazing students, staff and families as we navigate daily changes and transition to distance learning.

All of our students and teachers have been off campus since Tuesday March 17. Because of many technology grants and donations, we were able to assign i-pads to every student. Students are checking in everyday and working with their teachers remotely using Google Classroom and meeting platforms such as Zoom. What we are hearing from parents is pure gratitude. Our teachers are doing an amazing job!

It's nice to report that during a tough time, our teachers, staff, students and families are united and working together to enable our children to continue their school-work. We are successfully providing continuity, inspiration and support to each student. It’s been amazing to see just how resilient children can be, and how dedicated our teachers are to their students. Please take a look at the photos below. We think you’ll be impressed.

We ask that you continue to pray for our community, our country and our world. We are all in this together, united by our FAITH and the knowledge that we are in HIS hands. 

On behalf of the Morning Star family, God bless, stay healthy and we hope to see you soon!
Maria Johnson, Director of Development

On the first day of e-learning high school students attended classes online. Flexible and eager to learn, students logged on to interact, touch base, go over learning objectives, review expectations and continue their lessons.

When asked to reflect on the experience, students shared how it was new and challenging but exciting. One student reflected on how she feels it’s preparing her for time management and distance learning as college approaches. Another shared how it was great to still see friends and teachers and know we were all okay.

The teachers are doing an amazing job supporting the home school method of learning. Carlos is wearing his uniform each day and it’s helping him adjust to his new distance learning curriculum.

He misses all his friends and teachers!

 Annabelle and Ava  started their day watching the Mass of Feast of St. Joseph.

Students enjoy being creative, and sharing their work with other students, in remote learning art class!

A junior high student navigates distance learning with success! While our lives are uncertain at this moment, knowing we’re in this together makes all the difference.

 Gabriel completed his life timeline project. So proud of all our students and parents!
Primary parents are doing a great job communicating with their teachers! Christopher's mom sends in a daily check in message and picture. “Thor is ready to fight the Coronavirus!” He also worked hard on his "My Gift to the Earth" project and proudly displayed it.
More Primary Superheros!
Our high school technology elective students made websites of their favorite classes. Click on the subject/teacher name below to check out their incredible work!

Virtual show and tell!

"We saw a turtle, a snake, legos, cars, and stuffed animals. So much fun!"
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