A Message to the Morgan Hill Community from the
Morgan Hill City Council
To Our Morgan Hill Community,

The health and safety of all residents in Morgan Hill is our highest priority. As both your elected officials and your neighbors, we are in this together. We are in unprecedented times. We are all experiencing uncertainty in every aspect of life. We take this very seriously and we want to reassure you that the City of Morgan Hill is taking action to address the situation. We must come together as a city to ensure everyone’s well-being during this public health emergency. We will continue to provide essential city services to the community including public safety and public works services. Our City teammates are working diligently to explore all options, plan for the weeks ahead, connect with our partners in the community, and with other agencies to focus on caring for our residents and businesses.

We all feel the heart-breaking impact this pandemic has on all of you, whether it’s due to illness, job loss, cut hours or fear of losing a business. Help from various sources is already here or on the way. Stay strong. We are here for you and will be there for you, once this is all over. You’re not alone in this!

We also want to express our deepest gratitude to those still working to deliver our mail and meals, to take care of us at medical facilities and hospitals, to work for us at grocery stores, and to all others who have essential jobs and enable others to stay home while you’re out there. Be safe and stay healthy!

We ask you to practice good self care at this time. Caring for your mind, body and spirit at this time is incredibly important for your personal resilience and mental health. We want each of you to remain mentally and emotionally strong and healthy, during this time of high anxiety. We have several resources available on our website @ http://www.morgan-hill.ca.gov/1990/Stay-Mentally-and-Emotionally-Strong-and . If you are in crisis, please call the County Crisis Hotline @ 1.855.278.4204.

We encourage everyone in the community to strictly adhere to the Shelter-in-Place orders issued by both the State and the County. Please stay at home and do not invite friends and neighbors over to socialize. If you are outside, for exercise or essential business, please observe a minimum of 6 feet of physical distancing from others. Now is the time for each and every one of us to adopt a community approach. Check on loved ones and friends that are elderly or vulnerable and be sure they’re OK. Working together we will move through this pandemic while ensuring that our community stays strong and healthy.

When purchasing basic and essential items such as food, toilet paper, paper towels, soap and disinfectants, please be thoughtful of others. There is not a shortage of these products. Please do not stockpile. Please only buy what you need and think of the community. If you have more than you need, please consider sharing with those in need.

The City has several resources available to help you stay informed during this time:

Additionally, both the County and the State have websites with valuable information and resources:

Please take advantage of all these ways to find the information you need.

We are here for you Morgan Hill. We will get through this together.


Your Morgan Hill City Council
Mayor Rich Constantine
Larry Carr
District A
Mayor Pro Tem
Yvonne Martínez Beltrán
District B
Rene Spring
District C
John McKay
District D
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