Dear Sequoyah Families,

Happy Spring Break! I hope you've found time to rest and recharge over this past week. I know I've enjoyed all the sunshine this week as well as time to lounge in my front yard.

Josh shared with you in his last communication that the Monday and Tuesday following spring break will be professional development time for our teachers. Faculty will have a chance to plan schedules and curriculum, learn about new online platforms and systems, as well as collaborate with each other. 

As a reminder, the goals with our digital program are to:
  • support student social-emotional and academic growth, 
  • maintain relationships with peers and teachers
  • provide a sense of stability and community

Based on experiences from our week and a half with distance learning and feedback from our parent and student surveys, we're making some adjustments to the schedule that we feel will help us meet our stated goals. The time of your classroom's daily Zoom meeting may change.  I'll send the revised daily meeting schedule and more details about program adjustments on Monday afternoon. 

We're working on content that can be more independently accessed by young students, focusing on videos and images that don't require reading directions to participate. For our older students, we're working on finding the right balance of screentime with teachers and peers vs. independent offline activities. 

I want to encourage you to be patient with yourself, your children, and your teachers as we adjust our distance program to meet the varied needs of our community. While the teachers hope that students will be able to take advantage of what's offered everyday, we also understand that there may be days or moments when things don't go as planned at home and your child is unable to participate. This is particularly true of our youngest students who may rely on parents to navigate their distance program. We understand that everyone is doing the best they can given the circumstances.

We'll continue to offer a variety of parent education and connection opportunities in the coming weeks ahead to offer assistance during these challenging times. This week we'll launch new parent discussion groups led by our social emotional learning specialists, Anais Plasketes and Ann Liashkov. These spaces will provide an opportunity for parents to connect, offer support, and share strategies with each other on a weekly basis. Look out for an email over the weekend with more details about these groups and other programs for parents.
I'm happy to announce the return of Mason, Beatriz and the rest of the Daycare staff to our digital school day. Kito will also be joining the Daycare team offering more opportunities for directed physical activities. Please see the message from Mason below with more information.  
Hi Sequoyah!
Daycare staff are so excited to begin offering after school activities via Zoom.  We'll plan on having one or two activities from 3:30-4:30, Mondays through Thursdays.  We're reimagining Options time on Fridays. A multitude of activities will be offered from 1:30-2:30 with Ben offering song time from 2:30-3:00. If you or your student would like to host an activity on a Friday let me know. This is a chance for them to share what they're interested in with the rest of the Sequoyah community. 
This Monday and Tuesday my staff will be hosting All Day Daycare. Below is the schedule for those two days. No need to pre-register. I'll send out an email over the weekend with the Zoom links for each activity as well as the schedule for the rest of the week.  
We can't wait to see the kids!
I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy,
Monday, April 6th
8:45 am: Morning meeting with Mason, Kito and all of Daycare to introduce activities for the day and to say hello ( :   

9:00 am: Morning Warm-up with Kito 

10:30 am: Cooking with Kylie: Pancakes and lemon curd 

12:00 pm: DIY Memory Game with Izzy 

1:30 pm: Self-made Story with Natalie 

3:15 pm: Story Time with Julie 

Tuesday, April 7th
8:45 am: Morning meeting with Mason 

9:00 am: Morning Warm-up with Kito 

10:30 am: Cooking with Kylie: Granola 

12:00 pm: Pictionary with Izzy 

1:30 pm: Egg Drop with Roberto 

3:15 pm: Trivia Game with Julie

I'm happy our students will get to reconnect with the daycare crew and have fun together. I can't wait to hear stories about their adventures.

Have a great weekend!


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