April 23, 2020

Dear NCE Community,

I hope you are healthy and adapting to the current situation as best you can. 

Because school buildings will now remain closed for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year, I wanted to share an update on NCE programming. We are continuing efforts to create meaningful distance learning opportunities for kids and adults. Specific action steps we have taken over the past several weeks include:

  • Working with all instructors to determine if classes they have taught in the past might translate well to a remote learning format. 
  • Actively engaging in the development of new programming that is well-suited for a virtual environment. 
  • Offering training and support to instructors interested in offering a class remotely.
  • Providing technology training for community members who may need support participating in a course remotely.

Many of you are probably wondering what will happen at NCE this summer. Rest assured that we will be as prepared as possible to offer high-quality programming, whether the learning takes place onsite or remotely. 

As you may know, NCE is a self–sustaining program within the Newton Public Schools. All income is derived from tuition from our courses. Each year, NCE allocates funding to support individual schools and teachers, as well as scholarships to NPS students for NCE programs. When you pay to take a course, you are giving so much more than you are receiving. Your contribution helps provide financial assistance to students and families and sustains many wonderful, community-based programs. I hope you will consider this as you decide where to allocate your financial resources in the future.

We remain committed to good communication and keeping you informed of our plans for programming moving forward. All of us at NCE appreciate your past support of our programs and look forward to your continued support in the coming days. 

I wish you and your loved ones safety and health. 

Mark Aronson,
Interim Director
Newton Community Education | newtoncommunityed.org