As our community and our world grapple with extraordinary times, we want to share with you – our most loyal supporters – an update on the current status of Aristoi Classical Academy. We are heartbroken to have to close our physical doors to our students and teachers and to cancel athletic, fine arts, and extracurricular events that mean so much to our students. These events speak directly to our philosophy which is to provide a disciplined culture of excellence that fosters intellectual curiosity through a partnership with the students, their parents, and the community.
In addition, the Topgolf Chip & Sip event will be rescheduled for later in the year. Last year, many of you attended this event (or know someone who did) and have generously provided the financial support to assure that Aristoi can continue its mission. We hope to reschedule this event as a celebratory “Back to School" event in the fall. We will follow the recommendations and guidance from local agencies and health authorities. As soon as we know more, you will as well.
Looking beyond the devastating impacts of this world-wide crisis, we know the incredible healing power inherent in seeking Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. We saw the role the virtues of a classical education played in pulling all of us together a little more than two years ago after the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. 
What we don’t know is how long this pandemic will last and, once it is over, what the long-term social and economic ramifications will be. What we do know amid this uncertainty is that the students and teachers who have a classical education play a critical role in holding a community together. Our students and staff seek the truth in all things and are honorable citizens who seek to improve their communities and the world instead of passively traveling along the road most followed. They are humble and magnanimous when dealing with others. Instead of passively traveling along the road most followed, they are humble and magnanimous when dealing with others. The power of a life changed by classical education isn't just contained within the walls of a building or the years spent on the Aristoi grounds. It's the connection to other people, which is currently being limited. It's tough to be separated when people want and need to be together. We understand. We feel the same. This is certainly not how we intended to celebrate the coming of spring.
This past week, teachers and staff have been working diligently to transition their classical curriculum to online learning platforms to continue to serve the nearly 1,000 students that depend on us. A parent survey regarding the home technology needs of our families has revealed substantial needs in the areas of IT support and equipment. We are working diligently and quickly to purchase and dispense equipment and support to these families.
The day of renewed togetherness will come and our hope is that, with your ongoing support, we will emerge from this crisis fully prepared to provide more students with the academically challenging Classical Liberal Arts education you have come to expect from us. Until then we will continue to provide updates on the status of our students and their progress. Please remain safe, take care of your family, and know that “this too shall pass.”
We have heard from many of our families and supporters that they would like to help those students who don't have access or resources to the items they need to continue their education through distance learning. If you would like to support the needs of our students, please donate to our Technology & Curriculum Fund or contact our Development Director, Natalie DeJong at .
Brenda Davidson
Aristoi Classical Academy