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March 24, 2020
A Message to Residents from the Mayor and the Township Committee – March 24, 2020
As we enter a period in which the number of COVID-19 cases is expected to increase significantly, we would like the public to be aware of the following information:

We will post on the Township website a daily update on the number of cases in Morris Township, Morris County, and the state of New Jersey.

We advise residents to keep in mind that the increases we expect to see in the days ahead are partially due to testing expansion (as more people are tested, more cases are identified) and partially due to an increase in spread. 

We are well aware of the questions residents have as more positive cases are identified. Two points are pertinent as we work to respond to that need: 

  • HIPPA requirements (which protect each individual’s right to privacy) limit the information we are able to share to the number of cases and general information about the age range
  • Our Health Department officials will be conducting contact tracing for each person who tests positive for the virus. Individuals who have been in close contact with that person, if possible, will be notified and will likely be asked to self-quarantine for 14 days.

We are currently on the upward trajectory of the “number of cases” curve. The actions all of us take RIGHT NOW are CRUCIAL in determining how steep that rise will be in the days and weeks ahead.

We urge everyone to STAY HOME as much as possible and strictly adhere to the social distancing and personal hygiene recommendations that have been widely disseminated.  

As of March 24, 2020, the number of cases is as follow:
Morris Township: 26
Morris County: 204
NJ: 3,675

We encourage you to visit our website to view the daily updates.

Thank you to all for your patience and cooperation as we work to navigate this exceedingly difficult time together. 

Mayor Cathy Wilson and Members of the Morris Township Committee
Deputy Mayor Jeff Grayzel
Committeeman John Arvanites
Committeeman Mark Gyorfy
Committeeman Peter Mancuso
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