In the last week the impacts of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) have affected us all causing a heightened level of concern for many. What is presently occurring is different than anything most of us have experienced and that unknown factor causes anxiety. Although the current risk for COVID-19 in San Bernardino County is low, protecting the health and well-being of everyone in the community is a top priority. Prior to these recent developments, the City had convened a Coronavirus Response Team to prepare ahead of time and we are implementing the CDC’s and San Bernardino County Department of Public Health recommendations as well as actively monitoring State and Federal authorities for new developments or changes. 

The City’s Emergency Operations Center has been activated in a virtual environment and is monitoring the situation with a focus on continuity of operations to provide critical services to our community. Particularly among many of our most underserved or challenged community groups, the need for City services is great. As a compassionate commUNITY we intend to provide those services as long as is practically feasible.   

The City is taking extraordinary caution at all our public facilities, including additional cleaning, limiting or canceling large gatherings, and vigorously supporting appropriate hand washing and social distancing.  The impacts of the Coronavirus, both direct in terms of health and wellness, and indirect with respect to businesses operations, will be significant and extended, possibly for 12-18 months before things return to normal. We will pull together during this challenge, as we have during past challenges, because now more than ever our shared leadership and services are important. 

To assist with communication, the City has created a new COVID-19 Coronavirus informational web page at  www.cityofrc.us/Coronavirus  which is frequently updated including a current list of all cancelled, modified or postponed events and other important updates relating to this topic. Should circumstances change, the City has a plan in place to take additional measures to keep the community safe. We will communicate any changes in our hours of service or programming through the above webpage as well as our social media accounts and email list serves. 

We encourage everyone to follow the  CDC guidelines  for ways to protect yourself and others, and for what to do if you think you are sick (call your doctor!). If we all work together, we can slow the spread of the virus. Additionally, we ask that you please consider carefully what your actual need for food and sanitation supplies would be, for up to a two-week period, and purchase only the amount you would reasonably expect to use. Panic buying, hoarding and similar behaviors impact your fellow residents and complicate the current situation for others. 

More than ever, community and compassion are called for during these times. This is what makes Rancho Cucamonga a special place. Our greatest threat is not the virus, it is the fear of the virus which if left unchecked will strip away our reason and basic humanity. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt famously said in his first inaugural address, that the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself. It is as true now as it was then.