A Mid-week Surprise!


If you enjoyed What is the Torah?, then three new BEKY Books are available today to extend your library.  BEKY Books are Books Encouraging the Kingdom of Yeshua, and they offer simple explanations to questions that newcomers have for us.  I invite you to take a look at www.bekybooks.com for bios on our authors and the list of upcoming releases. 

While two of these titles are only available on Kindle at the moment, the paperback versions could go live anytime today, which would qualify them for amazon's Prime Day shipping.  If you would like several copies to give away to curious friends and family, then this is a great opportunity to save on shipping.  The booklets can be read in one sitting, and they are designed to encourage and invite the newcomer to explore further for truth. Click on the images below to see the full book description on amazon.com.

Introduction to the Jewish Sources is a brief history of how the Jewish sources such as the Mishnah and Talmud evolved into the documents we have today.  If you've ever read a commentary with a reference such as Pesachim 2b and wondered what it was, Rabbi Creeger's quick reference guide in the booklet will give you a brief summary of each seder and tractate's contents.  The simple explanations in this BEKY Book are a great way to walk in the sandals of the Jewish sages as they thought through the problems of guarding and remembering the Torah in each generation, and it will quickly lift your literacy level in Jewish history.  Here is one Jewish reader's response to Introduction to the Jewish Sources:

Shalom Sar.

I finished your book and then immediately turned back to the beginning. I'm very excited to read it.  The timing is particularly good because I just began to read Pirke Avot-- not for the first time.

Your message is fresh, necessary; it is simultaneously simple and profound.  You organically explain the development of the oral Torah in a way that anybody could understand.  I have never seen anything like it. Moreover, you exhibit a humble tone throughout your work managing to be scholarly without being pedantic.  For that I thank you personally. This book is the best witness for Yeshua that I could imagine. This is important to me. If I were speaking to an observant Jew who did not believe in Yeshua, I would be able to stand behind your book. Thank you!

Colossal Controversies is the first BEKY Book by Dr. Robin Gould, and it's the simplest explanation yet to some of the most controversial verses in the letter to the Colossians.  Her careful examination of the Greek words and context deconstructs issues concerning the celebration of new moons and sabbaths, as well as answers the question of what was nailed to the cross.  At the same time, Dr. Gould demonstrates the danger of taking verses or phrases out of context, which can lead the reader to draw a conclusion exactly opposite of what the writer intended.  I want to buy several of these to keep in our own congregational library.  

Messianic Shabbat Service is my second BEKY Book, and it is based on a visitor's booklet we compiled for visitors to our congregation.  It was compiled after years of answering questions or addressing problems that arose due to a newcomer's lack of experience with our unique walk which is not Jewish, nor is it Christian.  It also grew out of my retirement job of training Bureau of Prisons chaplains in how to meet the needs of Messianic Sabbatarian inmates.  The challenge was to describe something that is entirely too diverse to describe! 

The booklet includes a brief history of the Nazarene Jews and the "Messianic" movement along with some of the more usual components of a Messianic Jewish or non-Jewish Shabbat service or fellowship.  For those who would like to have a resource with which to greet visitors to make them more comfortable, this is the booklet.  In the question-and-answer section are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, such as

What are those little strings people are wearing?
Why do you turn toward Jerusalem to pray?
Isn't the Star of David a pagan symbol?
Why so much Hebrew?

If you'd like a quick summer read that is at the same time a handy giveaway to coworkers, family, and friends, consider ordering one or a full set of BEKY Books today.  We could also use some positive reviews on amazon that will help potential buyers as they are considering whether it's worth that $4.49.  I think they're worth every penny!