My friends,

Deep winter is upon us, and we have a brand new year to work with - it's a new beginning. I am committed to bringing as much creativity and joy to this year that I can muster. So, in that spirit, I decided to do something really special to kick off 2022 -- a New Year's Mieko Mintz Trunk Show. 

You all know I am a huge admirer of Mieko, her artistry and creativity, the quality and beauty of the pieces she creates. Mieko is trained in the classic art of couture, making custom clothing in the French manner. But as masters do, Mieko has taken her training to a new level by working with kantha - repurposing beautiful saris - to create clothing that is incredibly comfortable, wearable, and also exquisite. 

The process Mieko uses to create these garments has provided training and work to hundreds of skilled seamstresses in India. Each of these women is working with a unique combination of fabric and color and design, each created by Mieko to make a one-of-a-kind garment, a garment unlike any made by anyone else, anywhere else in the world.

This trunk show will include the pieces shown below. Because every single Mieko is reversible, the two images you see are the inside and outside of each piece. For the period of this show, January 14th- 28th, Wildflowers is offering a 15% discount off the price that is listed. 

You can call for a private appointment or come into the shop between 11 and 4 on Saturday and Sunday to see and try on these amazing Miekos. And if you can’t come, give me a call at (609) 575-7507, we can chat about the pieces you are interested in and maybe even FaceTime. And if there is something you are interested in, I can ship that to you on approval.

I have loved choosing these pieces. They represent the best in creativity, they are designed and assembled with great heart and responsibility. They are all just wonderful!

I look forward to hearing from you.