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The Philadelphia Inquirer reported yesterday that two of the city's top public high schools -- Masterman and Central -- have shuttered their school libraries. 


The culprit, no surprise: lack of funding.


Only 15 librarians remain employed by the School District, down from 176 in 1992.


Tempting as it is to climb a soapbox and rail heatedly about yet another academic injustice tossed at the feet of our favorite kids, we're clinging to the Mighty high road and averting all eyes from the cliffs below.


Question is, though: What can Mighty Writers do about it?


Not enough. 


But it won't stop us from trying.


At Mighty Writers, we've always been real big on getting books to our kids -- thanks to many of you, to the generosity of Townsend Press (publishers of the wildly popular Bluford series), and to the nonprofit First Book, who first taught us the joy of giving kids books to keep.


But now (to keep our driving metaphors speeding along), we're putting pedal to the metal and launching an all-out Mighty book drive.


It works real simply: Give us your books and we'll make sure they get into the hands of kids.


Our instructions to the kids: take them home, read them and and keep them.


No school libraries? Our Mighty kids will begin building their own home libraries.


What kind of books do we want?


Books for kids seven to 17 -- young adult novels, anthologies, biographies, graphic novels, classics and more.


You're Mighty. You'll know them when you see them.


So please, gather up whatever books you can and email us at hello@mightywriters.org (put MIGHTY BOOKS in the subject line, please) and we'll get back with a convenient time for you to drop your books off at one of our centers.


Or, if that creates a challenge, we'll happily pick them up.


At Mighty Writers, we teach kids to write.


But to be a Mighty writer, as you know, you have to be a Mighty reader first.


Help us create a new generation of Mighty readers, please.


Donate here!  


Mighty Love,  


Tim Whitaker

Executive Director, Mighty Writers

(484) 716-0830      

P.S. Please click here to learn about all the ways you can make a donation.  

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