November 2017

"We love your worship music! Why don't you have anything on YouTube?"
"We've been wanting to listen to you at home. Why can't we find you guys anywhere on the internet." "Bonnie, could you record this Sunday's worship? We want to listen to some worship music at home, but we want to listen to music that WE know in Croatian!"
These are just a few of the comments and questions that have come our way over the past seven to eight years. Our music and worship band have developed quite a bit over the years (since our last album came out in 2009) and we truly wish that we had more to share with people, however, recording can be an expensive endeavor.
Since around 2005 our worship band, Bez Kompromisa, has been known for writing and  and arranging a large portion of its own music. Because Croatia is lacking in this area and most of the worship music in the Croatian language has been translated from English into Croatian, a large part of the vision of our band is to offer original Croatian music to the believers of Croatia. We want to encourage our fellow brothers and sisters in this way because we believe that God has this form of creativity for his people everywhere! However, with the number of born again believers in Croatia being just a couple of thousand, in all honesty, there isn't much of a market for Praise and Worship music (or any Christian music for that matter). This makes the financial side of this project difficult. 
We were able to gather together a small amount of funds this past spring and begin a project that we believe God will bring to full fruition. We were able to record two songs (both of them originally written in Croatian but translated by Bonnie into English and then recorded in both languages) and we'd like to share one of those songs with you today and additionally share the specifics of the next step in realizing this project. 
The cost of recording in the studio here is $530 per song (and the studio producer has generously agreed to record our songs in both English and Croatian for the same price). We are hoping to be able to record three songs next time we go into the studio which means we are trying to raise at least $1,600 for our next step.
We pray this song truly blesses and encourages you all! Please, feel free to show this to your congregations and/ or share on your social networks. 

No matter how difficult may seem for the Christians here in Croatia, economically or even faith-wise, it is twice as hard for the people in Bosnia and Hercegovina - a country in which there is an approximate total of 500 born again believers! Mario was in Bosnia this summer a couple of times visiting with a fellow pastor Dario Kapin.  Pastor Dario's town, Zenica, is the town with the largest rate of unemployment in Bosnia - the population being 73,751 of which 22,014 are unemployed!
In Pastor Dario's church no one is employed, however, God has given him a vision to help his church generate revenue.  He purchased some bee hives and began selling honey, however, for them to be able to begin making a true profit (which will also aid the members of their church from month to month) they need to purchase 10 additional hives and build a small shed in which to store their tools and keep their hives dry from rain and snow. They are in need of $1,000 for this project and our church has been able to collect approximately half of this. Would you consider the possibility of joining with CCE in this project to bless this pastor and his precious congregation?


We as Christians know that if we are to be blessed here on earth, we need to bless Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem and our church is a firm supporter of Israel. One amazing door of opportunity that has come our way has been in partnership with the International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem. They contacted our church last year and asked Mario if he would be willing to help organize a dinner to bring awareness to what they are trying to accomplish among the Christian and Jewish communities. This dinner was a wonderful success! Just last week we helped organize a second dinner during which various concrete steps were draw up to try and bring the Christian and Jewish communities together in Zagreb, and in order for the Christian community to show its support of Israel. They would like to open an embassy office here in Zagreb and we hope to continue a close relationship with them in their work.

As you know, we are still working on completing the renovations on our building. Probably the most critical area is our children's classrooms. We still need to install carpet and additional heating, so please be in prayer with us for these needs.  We know we serve a God who provides for our every need and he has been so faithful!
We have several exciting activities planned for this month. Our women have a women's conference coming up this week, our youth have a special evangelistic youth meeting planned for the middle of the month and we will be showing the movie "The Case for Christ" toward the end of the month.  Please be in prayer with us for these various activities. We desire to see the Spirit moving in the hearts of people and that they would be drawn closer to him.

Thank you for your generous support this past month we are so grateful to you all for your faithful prayers and support. 

Mario and Bonnie

 Croatian Evangelistic Outreach
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